Patrick Swanson / November 26,2022

Young Climate Voters Could Tilt Georgia’s Runoff Election for Senate

Young Climate Voters Could Tilt Georgia’s Runoff Election for Senate

Young Climate Voters Could Tilt Georgia’s Runoff Election for Senate

If Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock wants to win next month’s Senate runoff election, he should lean into climate policy, exit polling suggests.

In his first matchup against Republican Herschel Walker—in which neither candidate cracked 50 percent, leading to the Dec. 6 runoff—Warnock attracted significant support from young people, the voting bloc most likely to be concerned about climate change.

That’s according to post-election research from Tufts University. And it’s part of a national trend that shows voters younger than 30 helped turn the tide for Democrats in key swing states and blunt an expected Republican wave in the midterm elections.

“Youth are increasing their electoral participation, leading movements, and making their voices heard on key issues that affect their communities,” according to analysis from Tufts University’s Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement.

Overall, 27 percent of voters aged 18 to 29 turned out for the midterms, the second-highest percentage on record, according to the Tufts University data. But that number rose to 31 percent in key swing states including Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin—and Georgia.

Patrick Swanson / October 30,2022

Man Helps Free A Fox With Its Paw Caught In a Tree

  • What you are able to do

    A person with Sanders Wildlife helped save a fox who was in fairly a sticky predicament.

    The rescue obtained a name for assistance on Valentine’s Day from a home-owner in Roswell, Georgia. Regardless of it being a vacation, animal rescue work by no means stops and the person shortly went right down to the home-owner’s yard and found a wild purple fox with its paw tightly wedged in a Y-shaped tree.

    Sanders Wildlife shared on Fb that the fox probably grew to become caught whereas utilizing the tree as a scratching put up.

    In a video shared on YouTube and social media, you’ll be able to see the person working arduous to pry the tree open to free the fox’s paw, however it was a tricky job. The rescue defined on YouTube that the “tree was very sturdy and arduous to open up.”

    The person gently spoke with the fox all through the rescue and it nearly appeared as if the fox acknowledged he was there to assist.

    The rescue added that they weren’t in a position to verify on the fox after it was freed however hoped it survived. On YouTube, the rescue shared, “Sadly this Fox most certainly will unfastened its paw that was caught. The excellent news is a 3 footed fox can nonetheless reside an efficient life. Instantly after releasing, the #Fox jumped 5 toes up a retaining wall.”

    They added that per native regulation, “rabies vector species can’t be taken in to rehab or relocated.” Whereas there was an opportunity th fox would survive by itself within the wild with three legs, it will be euthanized instantly if transported to a rehabilitation heart or vet’s workplace.

Patrick Swanson / September 26,2022

Types of Wildlife That Can Get in Your Georgia Home

Types of Wildlife That Can Get in Your Georgia Home

Georgia is home to beautiful landscapes, mountains, and forests. Living in these beautiful landscapes are amazing creatures. Georgia has about 90 different types of mammals that live here alone! In this article, we will discuss some common animals that live in Georgia and what to do if one ends up in your home.

The first one that we will talk about is Fox Squirrels.

Types of Wildlife That Can Get in Your Georgia Home

Fox Squirrels make up the largest species of tree squirrels in North America. They are found in a lot of states excluding Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New England. During the winter, the Fox Squirrels tend to live in tree dens where they can stay warmer.

The next animal we will talk about is the Big Brown Bat. These bats are seen in North American, the Caribbean, and South America. When it gets warm outside, pregnant females will head towards a safe place including buildings. They are also not afraid of human contact.

One last animal we will talk about is the Raccoon. Raccoons are native to North America and can also be found in Europe and Japan. Males usually live as a group of 4 to protect themselves against other males. Raccoons sometimes prefer living alongside humans and in homes because of the warmth.

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