Patrick Swanson / May 25,2021

Divorce Financing in Georgia

Divorce can be devastating. It’s heartbreaking when parents lose custody of their children. Spouses end up having to pay agonizing amounts of financial support.

If you want to protect your rights, not wrongfully lose custody, and not get raked over the coals financially, learn about divorce loans and other ways of divorce financing or find ways to avoid this unpleasant procedure. Free consultations are first come first serve. We always run out of slots. Make sure you get yours locked in now.

Patrick Swanson / May 25,2021

CBD Oil in Georgia - Updated Guideline

Is CBD legal in Georgia? The short answer is yes! Let’s talk about what’s up with CBD in beautiful Georgia!

Patrick Swanson / May 24,2020

A Month Into Reopening And Georgia Jobs Have Yet To Return


Two out of five people in Georgia — 40.3 percent of its workforce — have filed for unemployment since the state reopened its economy on April 30, the first to do so. But people are still staying close to home, making it harder for jobs to come back, according to a report in Politico on Thursday (May 21).

Georgia had more filings by percentage of its workforce than any other state, Politico’s review of data indicated. New jobless claims for loans in Georgia have varied since the state reopened, going up 243,000 two weeks ago and dropping to 177,000 last week. The state had commented that the increases in claims were due to jobs lost in retail, social services and health care.

“It’s nothing significant enough to say, ‘Oh, there’s a huge surge,’ — but certainly nothing to signal there’s any return to economic stability or recovery happening right now,” Alex Camardelle, a senior policy analyst with the nonprofit Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, told Politico.

Aside from being the first state to re-open, Georgia was also one of the last states to close its economy and impose stay-home mandates.

More layoffs are coming down the pike in Georgia as the state makes plans to eliminate over 1,000 jobs — educators, counselors, social services, administrators, clerks —  in a move to cut state budgets by 14 percent, according to an AJC report on Sunday (May 24). Revenue decline brought about by the pandemic was cited as the reason.

Further, some state employees not laid off will see their paychecks slashed.

Among the departments laying off or furloughing employees are the Georgia State Patrol and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Patrick Swanson / January 27,2020

How Georgia’s Population Relates To The 2020 Census


Georgia’s population of 10.6 million people makes it one of the largest states in the country. The state’s population grew by more than 100,000 from 2018 to 2019, according to the latest Census estimates. The state’s growing population relates to politics and the 2020 Census. However, more than 3% of the Georgia residents get payday loans at least once a year.

The Census counts every person living in the United States. The decennial count determines political representation and how federal money is distributed.

After the 2010 Census, Georgia’s population growth led to an increase of one congressional seat.

“An additional congressional seat means an additional vote in the electoral college, which is really important in helping to pick the President of the United States,” said Andra Gillespie, associate professor of political science at Emory University.

Gillespie also said having more members of Congress means more voices advocating for Georgia. 

“You want as many Georgians on as many committees as possible so that they are advocating for Georgia interests,” she said.

House committees that Georgia representatives serve on include Transportation and Infrastructure, Armed Services, Judiciary as well as Ways and Means. 

Georgia has 14 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. In comparison, Florida has 27 and Alabama and South Carolina each have 7. California has the most seats, with 53.

Patrick Swanson / September 24,2022

Ross McCaw Of OurPeople On 5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Scale Your Business

Ross McCaw Of OurPeople On 5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Scale Your Business

Simplify everything. The sales process, the set up of the product, the product itself. The easier the product is to buy, adopt and use, the better, more sticky and successful it will become.

Startups usually start with a small cohort of close colleagues. But what happens when you add a bunch of new people into this close cohort? How do you maintain the company culture? In addition, what is needed to successfully scale a business to increase market share or to increase offerings? How can a small startup grow successfully to a midsize and then large company? To address these questions, we are talking to successful business leaders who can share stories and insights from their experiences about the “5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Scale Your Business”. As a part of this series, we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Ross McCaw.

Ross McCaw is a software entrepreneur who founded Cap2 solutions in 2009, which was acquired by Jonas Software (part of CSI) in 2011. Ross then went on to found team communication and engagement platform, OurPeople, in 2016 to help deskless teams navigate their internal communications. Since its inception, OurPeople has raised $3.75m and has worked with a number of high-profile clients including West Ham United Foundation, Virgin Active UK, Paulton’s Park and Serco Leisure.

Thank you for joining us in this interview series. Our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’?

Patrick Swanson / September 24,2022

Former MMA Fighter's Chilling Note Might Be Big Clue in Georgia Mom's Murder: Report


As police investigate the murder of Georgia woman Debbie Collier, a threatening note allegedly from the boyfriend of Collier’s daughter has emerged.

Collier, 59, of Athens, was reported missing on Sept. 10. The next day, her naked and partially charred body was found in a ravine in a wooded area in Habersham County, about 60 miles from her home.

On the day she went missing, Collier put $2,385 into the Venmo account of her daughter, Amanda Bearden, and wrote a message saying, “They are not going to let me go, love you there is a key to the house in the blue flower pot by the door.”

Two weeks later, no one has been arrested, according to Fox News.

However, a note allegedly written by former amateur MMA fighter Andrew Giegerich and threatening violence has now come to light, according to the New York Post.

“If you or your family ever come near me again I will hurt them,” the note said.

“Have a nice life you lying a** b****. Don’t ever contact me again!!!” the note also said.

The note came to the attention of police during a May 2021 domestic violence investigation involving Bearden and Giegerich.

Patrick Swanson / September 24,2022

Defense, Special Teams lead the charge for the Knights in ugly 27-10 win over the YellowJackets


On a day where UCF quarterback John Rhys Plumlee completed only eight passes, the Knights’ defense and special teams play that included four made field goals was good enough to earn a 27-10 win over Georgia Tech Saturday. 

A week after having a career high 339 yards through the air in the Knights’ big rebound win over the FAU Owls, The Senior UCF QB struggled to get any offense going through the air, failing to complete a single pass in the first quarter. Plumlee finished the game going only 8 of 16 through the air for 49 yards that included an interception and a couple sacks. 

One of the lone highlights for the dual threat QB was a key 28-yard run for a touchdown nearly in the fourth quarter to help the Knights jump out to a two-score lead and effectively seal the deal for win of ACC rival Georgia Tech. With the win, UCF improves to (3-1) on the season and it marks the first time the Knights have multiple wins over the same power 5 opponent. 

Plumlee said while he plans on improving going forward in the season, he was happy to get the win no matter the circumstance. 

“A win is a win, no matter what it looks like,” said Plumlee. “I played bad out there. I think I’ve got to be better, and I will be better. What stood out today was our defense and special teams.” 

While UCF’s offense was struggling to get going, the Knights defense and special teams came up big when they needed it which included four sacks, 2 fumble recoveries and a much-needed blocked punt at the end of the first half and return for a touchdown to give the team the lead and momentum they needed going into the rest of the game. 

Patrick Swanson / September 23,2022

Meet The Disruptors: Jack Lifton Of One World Lithium On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your…

Meet The Disruptors: Jack Lifton Of One World Lithium On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your…

Meet The Disruptors: Jack Lifton Of One World Lithium On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

You do not find truly disruptive innovations from very large companies. If you truly want transformative, disruptive innovations, that will be found from an emerging enterprise. The largest companies can’t simply put aside how much money they have already invested (sunk costs) in the old technology.

As a part of our series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Lifton.

Jack Lifton began his career in 1962 as a physical chemist specializing in the ultra-purification of rare metals and the preparation of their chemical compounds and alloys for use in the solid-state electronics and energy storage industries. He coined the now widely-used term “technology metals” in 2007 to describe those metals whose electronic properties enable the miniaturization of electronic technologies. In addition to his Advisor — Physical and Chemical Engineer role with One World Lithium, he also serves as Editor-in-Chief for Critical Materials and is the Chairman of the Critical Minerals Institute,

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit more. Can you tell us a bit about your “backstory”? What led you to this particular career path?

Patrick Swanson / September 23,2022

Agile Businesses: Steven Lin Of Semarchy On How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of…


Agile Businesses: Steven Lin Of Semarchy On How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies

If you don’t plan, you’ll never get to the next step of your dream. Be good at both. Ask yourself, “What are the immediate next steps?”

As part of my series about the “How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Lin.

Steven Lin is the product marketing manager at Semarchy, responsible for executing the go-to-market strategy for the awarding-winning data company. Prior to joining Semarchy, Steven was a Technology Strategy consultant at Ernst & Young advising large-scale data initiatives for global & national firms. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Technology Management as well as a Masters of Science in Information Systems from Indiana University — Kelley School of Business.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series. Our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started?

I’ve always been interested in business. I grew up working at a restaurant with my parents, which has always been a part of my life. When I went to college, I decided to pursue marketing because it is one of the most general business degrees you can earn. I realized that I liked it and was good at it, so I ended up staying with it in college. Later, I realized I wanted to pursue technology-intensive fields, so I pursued a master’s degree in Information Systems.

Patrick Swanson / September 23,2022

Non-Fungible Tokens: Amr Samaha Of Tykes On The 5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Highly…

Non-Fungible Tokens: Amr Samaha Of Tykes On The 5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Highly…

Non-Fungible Tokens: Amr Samaha Of Tykes On The 5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Highly Successful Career In The NFT Industry


Utilize your network. Your community has your biggest supporters and believers. If you can provide value to them, they will do the same for you.

Many have observed that we are at the cusp of an NFT boom. The thing is, it’s so cutting edge, that many people don’t know what it is. What exactly is an NFT and how can one create a lucrative career out of selling them? To address this, as a part of our interview series called “5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Highly Successful Career In The NFT Industry”, we had the pleasure of interviewing Amr Samaha.

Amr Samaha is a serial entrepreneur, multiple award-winning architect, and real estate developer, as well as the founder and CEO of seven figure companies SAMAHA Studio and Samaha Holdings. In addition to co-founding Tykes, Samaha has spearheaded commercial and residential real estate design and development projects in California, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, Kuwait, and more.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit. Can you tell us a bit about your backstory and how you grew up?

Patrick Swanson / September 20,2022

Monica, Tevin Campbell, Tamar Braxton and More Tapped for R&B Music Experience Tour


Monica, Tevin Campbell, Tamar Braxton and many more R&B veterans will be hitting the road this fall for the R&B Music Experience Tour.

Presented by Global Events Production, the 18-city tour will kick off Oct. 1 in Atlanta, Georgia, at State Farm Arena.

From there, the singers will perform in U.S. cities, including Charlotte, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, New Orleans and Nashville. The tour concludes Dec. 17 at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. 

Other R&B acts booked for the tour include 112, Bell Biv DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Dru Hill, Ginuwine, H-Town, Keith Sweat, Next, Raheem DeVaughn, Shai, Silk and Xscape.

While Monica is sure to revisit some of her classic songs and fan favorites, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she performs her latest single “Friends,” which features Ty Dolla $ign. The Tasha Catour-produced song will appear on Monica’s forthcoming album, Trenches. 

Of the song, Monica explained, “‘Friends’ is about keeping people in their place and handling your own relationship.” 

“Friends” was released nearly a year after Monica shared her Lil Baby-assisted single “Trenches.” Monica isn’t just focused on R&B. The legendary singer also is working on her debut country album titled Open Roads. She enlisted Brandi Carlile to executive produce the album. 

“I felt like this was a great time for me to really step into an area that I’ve always admired and loved,” Monica told Billboard about recording a country project. “We’re just getting started, but I have so enjoyed it and been welcomed with open arms.” 

Patrick Swanson / September 20,2022

Senior Maintenance Engineer


The Senior Maintenance Engineer will report directly to the respective shift assigned Engineering Team Manager. This position will undertake reactive and planned engineering maintenance activities and improvement works at the Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC) on material handling equipment (MHE) such as conveyor networks, lifts, cranes, belts, etc.

The Senior Maintenance Engineer’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

Reacting to MHE breakdowns (both mechanical and electrical), locating the fault, analyzing the issue and completing the fix in a timely manner to keep operation downtime to a minimum.

Keeping accurate records such as work activities, tasks carried out, parts used through stores, etc.

Align, priorities and monitor KPI’s that support the Customer’s optimized service for its end customer/clients.

Working closely with Customers Inbound, Pick, Dispatch areas, and other support teams on a daily basis to ensure direction of labor, and planned engineering activities to fully support Ocado’s assets and the Customer’s daily operational goals.

Maintenance priorities and mentoring for the assigned Maintenance Engineers.

Performing assembly and sub-assembly repairs by following written work instructions, blueprints and schematics.

Working closely with other departments to find ways to increase machine reliability on existing and new equipment, diagnose equipment breakdowns and action repairs ensuring direction of labor and planned engineering activities fully support the operation.

Attend meetings as required, analyze data and find solutions to improve equipment performance whilst ensuring safe working practice and full communications are maintained at all times.

Patrick Swanson / September 20,2022

Current vaccine approach not enough to eradicate measles

Current vaccine approach not enough to eradicate measles

Current vaccine approach not enough to eradicate measles

Current vaccination strategies are unlikely to eliminate measles, according to a new study led by faculty at the University of Georgia.

The paper, which published today in The Lancet Global Health, explores the feasibility of eliminating measles and rubella using predominant vaccination strategies in 93 countries with the highest disease burden.

Despite marked reductions in the number of new measles and rubella cases worldwide, gaps remain between current levels of transmission and disease elimination.

“Measles is one of the most contagious respiratory infections out there, and it moves quickly, so it’s hard to control,” said lead author Amy Winter, an assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UGA’s College of Public Health.

The basic reproduction number (R0) for measles, which represents the number of people that one infected person is likely to transmit that disease to in a fully susceptible population, is roughly 18. By comparison the R0 for the original SARS-CoV-2 virus is estimated to be around three.

In 2017, the World Health Organization director general requested a report on the feasibility of measles and rubella eradication. One component of this report was to use transmission models to evaluate the theoretical feasibility of eradication of the two viruses given different vaccination strategies.

Patrick Swanson / September 20,2022

Here’s What Went Wrong During UofSC’s Viral Title IX Celebration — and Why It Matters

Here’s What Went Wrong During UofSC’s Viral Title IX Celebration — and Why It Matters

Here’s What Went Wrong During UofSC’s Viral Title IX Celebration — and Why It Matters

On Saturday, during a football game against the Georgia Bulldogs, the University of South Carolina attempted to celebrate women’s athletics — but it didn’t go as planned. Between the first and second quarters, the university invited all 275 of its women athletes to the field in honor of the 50th anniversary of Title IX, only for them to be shooed off by the UofSC head coach.

A civil-rights bill passed in 1972, Title IX protects against sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs, activities, and sports. Among other things, Title IX assures women they have a right to play the field as much as any other athlete. When Title IX was passed, only 300,000 women and girls played sports on their college and high school teams nationwide. What’s worse? These hundreds of thousands of athletes received only 2 percent of athletic budgets in college — leaving the lion’s share of attention and funding for men. The impact Title IX has made on sports can’t be overstated: by 2016, one in five girls in the US played sports, compared to one in 27 before the law was passed, per the Women’s Sports Foundation. The law also raised the bar for women’s standards of competition, as well as funding and opportunities available.