Divorce Financing in Georgia

Patrick Swanson / May 25,2021

What Is A Cheap Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

An uncontested divorce in Georgia means that both parties agree to:

  • how to share parenting time
  • how to share parenting responsibilities
  • how to share legal and physical custody
  • the amount of child support to get paid
  • how long child support should get paid
  • the amount and duration of alimony in Georgia
  • how to split assets
  • how to split debts
  1. For an uncontested divorce, you do not have to go to court. 
  2. Instead, you fill out a Georgia divorce settlement agreement. 
  3. The divorce settlement agreement will have to get approved by the judge. 
  4. The judge will approve the settlement agreement as long as it’s fair to both spouses. 
  5. Once approved, the judge will grant the divorce decree.

Uncontested Divorce In Georgia With Children

It’s possible to have a cheap uncontested divorce in Georgia with children. If you lack money to spend on divorce, consider Payday Loans Online. They will allow you to get small dollar cash advance for any needs including divorce.

You just need to figure out your parenting plan with your spouse before you file the divorce papers. 

This means you need to figure out:

  • physical and legal custody
  • who pays child support
  • how much child support gets paid
  • the visitation schedule 

And when you file the divorce papers, you will need to include the parenting plan with the petition. 

As long as you resolve all issues prior to filing, you can have an uncontested divorce with children.

How To Have A Cheap Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

You’re probably wondering how to have a cheap uncontested divorce in Georgia. It’s really up to you and your spouse whether your divorce is uncontested or not. You both will need to negotiate and agree with each other on important issues. Some spouses cannot agree to the issues on their own. But they still want to have an uncontested divorce. If this is you, you should consider divorce mediation. 

Divorce Mediation In Georgia

Divorce mediation is a neutral third party who will help you resolve important issues. 

The cost of divorce mediation is between $500 and $1,500. But this is MUCH cheaper than having your divorce lawyers negotiate on your behalf. A mediator will not make any decisions for you. They help you both communicate and work through the issues. 

Having A Cheap Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

This is important to know if you want to have a cheap uncontested divorce in Georgia. You have to resolve ALL issues before you file the divorce papers with the Superior Courts. You and your spouse may have just decided to file for divorce. And you most likely disagree on A LOT of things about the divorce. 

But that’s okay. 

  1. You just need to resolve these issues before you file the papers. 
  2. You can reach out to an affordable divorce lawyer before you have these issues resolved. 
  3. And you can start the mediation process. 

The Process For An Uncontested Divorce

Wondering what the process for an uncontested divorce in Georgia is? It’s a very simplified version of a divorce. 

  • The first step is filling out your divorce papers. 
  • Preparing Your Divorce Papers
  • Filling out your uncontested divorce papers is the most difficult part. 
  • If you do it wrong, the judge will deny your uncontested divorce. 
  • This means you’ll lose the filing fees you paid. 
  • And that you will have to start the divorce process in Georgia all over again. 
  • You may try to file the divorce papers out on your own to save money. 
  • But if you don’t fill them out correctly, the courts won’t explain what you did wrong. 
  • They will just deny the divorce petition. Which is going to cost you more in the long run. 
  • Ignoring the filing fees, the costs of poorly worded divorce papers can be huge. 
  • Badly written parenting plans can cause you to lose custody and visitation that you deserve. You could lose property that you’re entitled to. 
  • (Or you could give up property that is only yours.)

Signing Divorce Papers

Most people can’t afford to take off work to sign divorce papers. You’ve lost enough money to the divorce in Georgia. So why take off work and drive to your divorce lawyer every time you need to talk? 

You can review and sign divorce papers anywhere you want. Whether that’s in your car, in a meeting room at work, or at home. And both spouses can sign remotely. There is no need for either of you to take off work and show up at our offices. This makes it super easy for people who have spouses that are in the military or live out of state.

Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

The cost of uncontested divorce is much lower than contested divorce in Georgia. 

The average cost of divorce in Georgia is:

  • uncontested divorce – $4,100
  • no-fault divorce – $10,600
  • contested divorce – $20,400

This is why having a cheap uncontested divorce in Georgia is the best route to take. 

You can save about $16,000 if you can have an uncontested divorce. And this is PER SPOUSE. 


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