North Georgia Democrats react to Rep. Greene’s SOTU actions

Patrick Swanson / February 12,2023

DADE COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) — Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene got plenty of national attention today following her words and actions at last night’s State of the Union address.

During Tuesday night’s address, Greene was one of many Republicans booing President Biden following comments on the nation’s economy.

As the GOP voiced their opinions in unison, Greene could be seen on television voicing another opinion of her own.

Greene could be seen nationwide calling President Biden a “liar” and is standing firm that her actions were warranted.

“I let him know exactly how the people feel,” Greene said. “I got more text messages last night and this morning than I did probably winning both elections, so I have no regrets. We aren’t planning to cut social security and because I called him a ‘liar’ on the House floor, we settled that issue right there at the State of the Union.”

Before the State of the Union even began, footage was released of Greene trolling the President by carrying a giant white balloon to bring attention to the Chinese spy balloon that was recently taken down.

In Georgia’s District 14, a pair of local Democrats are appalled by her behavior and say it’s not just blue voters who are upset.

“I know a lot of Republicans who don’t like her,” said Tom McMahan, Chairman of the Dade Co. Democratic Committee. “I know a number of them who did not vote for her and voted for Marcus Flowers, in fact — the Democratic candidate. There [are] a lot of Republicans who don’t like her and her behavior.”

McMahan says Greene’s behavior Tuesday night was part of “her brand,” which he believes involves publicly acting out for attention.

Whitfield County Democratic Chair Debby Peppers did not mince words when discussing Greene, calling her “an extremist not even respected by her own party” and “an embarrassment” to Northwest Georgia.

McMahan, a teacher, believes that regardless of party affiliation, her behavior was unacceptable.

“If any of my children acted that way [or] students acted that way, I’d refer them to the principal,” McMahan said. “That’s just unexcusable behavior, especially for a 40-something-year-old woman who’s supposed to be an adult.”

“I am a representative of the people and that’s exactly what I did last night,” Greene said.

McMahan says that many in District 14 are simply growing “numb” nowadays from Greene’s political actions.

News 12 did reach out to a pair of conservative leaders in District 14, but received no additional comments.

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