Patrick Swanson / July 16,2022

Jason Aldean explains why Macon, Georgia is such a personal album title: “It all started there”


Jason Aldean kicks off his Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour tonight in Scranton, Pennsylvania, beginning an extensive string of dates that will give him a chance to introduce fans to the live version of his latest double album, Macon, Georgia.
That project — his 10th — is named after the singer’s hometown Macon, which Jason says had a massive impact on his eventual career as a country star.
“It all started there,” he recounts. “…That’s where I learned to play guitar and where I learned to sing and where I played bars for the first time.”
At the time, Jason wasn’t even old enough to drink, but he fell in with a group of older musicians who taught him everything he knows about jam sessions and playing late nights in bars on small stages.
“When I was a 15, 16 year old kid, guys — you know, other musicians in that town — kinda took me under their wing and would take me to these after-hours bars and have jam sessions,” he recounts. “When I had to be at school the next day. So I was getting home at three in the morning.”
Jason may have lost a little sleep, but he learned important lessons about his chosen career path during those long nights out.
“It was just kind of where I learned to be a musician. It’s just where it all started for me,” he says, explaining that it felt only fitting to mark that early memory in the title of his landmark 10th album. “It was me kind of paying tribute to where it all started from.”
Jason just released his latest country radio single, “That’s What Tequila Does.” The song comes off the Macon half of his double album.

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Patrick Swanson / January 09,2021

New Song From Florida Georgia Line


Not a bad start to a Monday!
Florida Georgia Line has released a new song called “New Truck.” It’s the third release from their upcoming album, Life Rolls On, due out on February 12th. Check out the lyric video!

Read more about FGL now!

Tyler Hubbard said, “With ‘New Truck’ we were like, ‘Man, this feels good. I just want to ride around in my truck, listen to this, and have a song to jam to.’ When any of our buddies get a new truck now, we can send it to them and say, ‘Yo, bump this in the truck!’”
Brian Kelley added, “It feels really different and fresh. It’s got a fun innocence about it too.”
Tyler and Brian co-wrote and co-produced “New Truck.”
Their latest single, “Long Live,” is a current Top 20 hit and climbing on the country charts. Watch the video now!


Patrick Swanson / June 24,2020

Tsutomu’s Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki. Comedy Manga Gets TV Drama Adaptation

Tsutomu’s Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki. Comedy Manga Gets TV Drama Adaptation

Tsutomu’s Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki. Comedy Manga Gets TV Drama Adaptation
A reside-action TV drama adaptation of Tsutomu’s Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki. (The center-light man loves cute things) is determined to premiere on Yomiuri TV’s “Platinum Night time Thursday Drama F” programming block this summer season. “Oji-san” in the title is a double meaning of “heart-light man” and the final title of its protagonist Mitsutaka Oji.
The manga has been serialized in the COMIC Polaris online page since July 2017 and in the interim, four tankobon volumes are accessible in in Japan. Its memoir services and products on Mistutaka Oji, an design of job worker in his 40s who is ravishing and ravishing at his job. He has lived his life while hiding his secret that he has an obsession with cute things. But one day, he ends up living along with his  nephew, Masumi, who has ravishing entered college, at his apartment that is pudgy of personality dolls and other cute things.

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