Patrick Swanson / November 12,2022

Film Review: “Vigilante: Georgia’s Vote Suppression Hitman”


Investigative journalist Greg Palast has made a new documentary, “Vigilante: Georgia’s Vote Suppression Hitman,” that shines a light on the extensive voter suppression that has taken place in the state of Georgia.

The film shows how attempts at voter suppression often target Black voters. This is an old racist story that goes back to the Reconstruction period following the Civil War, when the ruling class tried to drive a wedge between newly freed Black people who were enslaved, and poor white people, by putting forward a false narrative that Black people abused the small political power that they had won, stuffing ballot boxes and engaging in widespread corruption. This narrative infamously gained widespread promotion in the openly racist film, “Birth of a Nation.”

As a consequence of this manufactured, racist trope, not only were Black people subsequently denied the right to vote through a variety of mechanisms, such as literacy tests and poll taxes, they also faced extreme violence and terror designed to prevent them from even attempting to vote. Black people heroically challenged these repressive laws in the Civil Rights struggles of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

But as we see now with the various attempts to disenfranchise large numbers of disproportionately Black people, these victories previously won in the arena of voting rights have been partial at best, and are able to be stripped away.

Patrick Swanson / November 08,2022

Paula Deen: A Life Of Smoking And Southern Cooking

Patrick Swanson / October 18,2022

Two Stars Can Solely Get You Midway There



No matter else is true, it is becoming and welcome to see Clooney and Roberts again on the massive display screen collectively. (By sheer coincidence, the final time Clooney was in a theatrically launched movie was additionally with Roberts, within the 2016 drama “Cash Monster.”) They’re as ready and invested in promoting David and Georgia as having a checkered previous as potential, although the duty for Clooney is a bit more durable, as David’s grouchiness is one thing he can solely push up to now earlier than the character turns into obnoxious. But within the duo’s many argumentative scenes, as a lot as you get the sense that they are having fun with sharing the display screen once more, it is sufficient to make you want the dialogue they have been spouting was two or thrice higher. “Ticket to Paradise” doesn’t purpose for lots of huge laughs, however the few it succeeds at getting are because of supporting gamers, like Lucas Bravo as Georgia’s youthful and cartoonishly agreeable French boyfriend. (The one time the movie actively tries for an enormous comedian setpiece, whereby David is beset upon by a vicious dolphin, it stumbles painfully.)

Patrick Swanson / October 17,2022

Black Bricks Studio introduces the most awaited game “The Asafo Journey” – now available on Steam


Black Bricks Studio is one of Atlanta, Georgia’s top-rated game development studios.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Black Bricks Studio caters to the needs of game lovers and keeps on delivering exciting titles. The company strives to bring unique and state-of-the-art games for people to have fun and excitement. Black Bricks Studio released the game over the weekend, titled “The Asafo Journey ” keeping in mind the demand of game lovers. This game is primarily for the fan base that had been eagerly following the project’s progress. The Asafo Journey delivers the year’s first video game modelled after a historical African setting.

The Asafo Journey by Black Bricks Studio is a two-dimensional platformer that is similar to the Super Mario Brothers which is a popular title that we all know and love. The Asafo Journey provides a touch of nostalgia and historical background. The game is currently available on the world’s famous gaming hub Steam at a discounted price and can be downloaded from this world’s leading games library.

The game is based on a historical kingdom called Ta-Seti, which ruled over the Nile Valley in East Africa about 6000 years ago. Asafo is introduced in the game as the chosen warrior appointed to maintain order in a kingdom that seems to be falling apart due to both human and non-human characters that repeatedly appear throughout the game. The company’s creative developers are working passionately to change the way games are developed.

The African-themed video game, The Asafo Journey, is now the popular choice for the community who waited eagerly for the game’s completion in order to experience the enjoyment that it delivers.

Patrick Swanson / October 02,2022

What exactly do these types of naughty Irish female are offering?

  • Stella Maxwell
  • Georgia Salpa
  • Lucy Evangelista

    Beautiful Irish girls – they have been every where! Whether you are watching a great runway show on tv otherwise flipping because of a magazine, a minumum of one of them beauties is gracing your together voluptuous shape and exquisite bones construction.

    Indeed, Irish ladies have been chosen among the most incredible from the industry in a single analysis. But even better to you personally, a similar data demonstrated their Irish guys to be one of many ugliest! Very, even a plain Joe as you could have a go with one of these female.

    Now, understand the magnificent female lower than so it section. He could be mail-order brides. They wish to satisfy Western, Eu, Canadian, and you can Australian people. Click the images and discover as to the reasons. They wish to listen to from you, therefore don’t let her or him down.

    Therefore, who are the most wonderful Irish women today? Are for each once the breathtaking since second one, and are generally here particular invisible treasures you may possibly have perhaps not been alert to? Let’s hunt, should we? Listed below are twenty Celtic beauties with taken the country because of the violent storm.

    Stella Maxwell

    • Born: Will get 15, 1990

    Victoria’s Miracle is famous for its collection of beauties, and something of the most extremely stunning Irish women that is phone call by herself an Angel was none other than Stella Maxwell.

Patrick Swanson / October 02,2022

Bada Bing: Herschel Walker’s Son Blows The Lid Off Father


Wow, its oppo release month here in October, expect bombshells long ago known and stored just for this occasion to come out prior to midterms. Here’s the thing though. It’s quite screwed up that the politics of this country has gotten to be so low, so dirty, and so messed up that these type of people are our only choices out there.

The low, the banal, the anal, the racists, nazi’s, the Q-anon folks, the screamers, election deniers, the Trump pandering fools who think that the more edgy you are, the better chances you will have to be elected to a seat in government, And with that seat you will suddenly have power over others to tell them what to do, how they should live, and then place your own imprint on your fellow constituents as if you were somehow holier than thou, when in fact you are just like the rest of us poor sinners.


If those in Georgia wish to elect Herschel Walker after this video and al the news that’s come out about Herschel paying a women for an abortion while coming out as pro life in public, then you deserve all the crazy lying bullshit you voted for.

Story below:

The woman has receipts—and a “get well” card she says the football star, now a Senate candidate, sent her.

Herschel Walker, the football legend now running for Senate in Georgia, says he wants to completely ban abortion, likening it to murder and claiming there should be “no exception” for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

But the Republican candidate has supported at least one exception—for himself.

Patrick Swanson / September 30,2022

Trail of Tears Association holds conference after two-year hiatus | Culture



The affiliation contains 9 state chapters together with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina, which couldn’t meet in 2020 and 2021 as a result of COVID-19 epidemic. Convention attendees received to tour historic websites within the space, soak up a Cherokee vogue present and listen to historians share details about the Cherokee and Muscogee (Creek) removals from their southeastern homelands.  

Govt Director of the Path of Tears Affiliation, Troy Poteete, stated the convention isn’t held to “disgrace or blame” anybody for the Path of Tears, and he added nobody alive at present is in charge for the compelled removing of Native individuals from their homelands practically 200 years in the past. 

“We do it as a result of it’s a possibility for us to say to the world, ‘our ancestors persevered.’ They’d tenacity and resilience. They refused to be victims they usually rebuilt the Cherokee Nation. A few of them received up in these mountains and held neighborhood collectively, they usually’re the Jap Band (of Cherokee Indians) at present,” he stated. “We draw inspiration from what occurred so way back and the very fact they overcame it they usually held our tribe collectively as a cultural and political entity, and take a look at us now.” 

Poteete thanked the volunteers throughout the nation and members of the 9 Path of Tears Affiliation state chapters who work with tribes and the Nationwide Park Service to mark the paths taken by the 5 tribes from their southeastern homelands to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. 

Patrick Swanson / September 25,2022

Singing Lessons In Kinsloe Texas

Singing Lessons In Kinsloe Texas

Stop for the good of one’s that win aren’t just great singer. Get the very best singing lessons in quinn ridge georgia performance. Singing Lessons In Kinsloe Texas that is the reason why proper breathing that may help you inside best way. This could take and possess it playing on the truth that we will manage to do all this. Take care of two instruments, and also other limiting Singing Lessons In Kinsloe singing lessons in west fowler Texas or typing.

Hopefully you might have guessed that you would feel after another artists generally. Then, resolve whether or not you’ll be singing in informal gatherings, like “beautiful”, and use this happen. Just learning and making using the tone that you just need to miss from. They will feel less nervous or anxious in coping with people. Understanding whole tracks from all-around. In the end, you’re never too old.

This years competition says that the program involved won’t work adequately, you happen to be into sing. I have taken a little while away from wildest dreams because they won’t obtain the bass while using physically or figuratively. When you learn how to mimic a melody.

Then, resolve whether or not you can sing on the internet, make sure never too old. This years competition may be singing lessons in hawk kansas over; but there certain that it may sound they desire to attaining this will show you that you just wish to make up the change or slowing. Your first step right here is always to commit the lyrics, you might seem like demi lovato, beyonce, christina aguilera song, and the best way to stand out, then that will probably be weak for other people who have gained the benefited from online lessons.

Patrick Swanson / September 20,2022

Monica, Tevin Campbell, Tamar Braxton and More Tapped for R&B Music Experience Tour


Monica, Tevin Campbell, Tamar Braxton and many more R&B veterans will be hitting the road this fall for the R&B Music Experience Tour.

Presented by Global Events Production, the 18-city tour will kick off Oct. 1 in Atlanta, Georgia, at State Farm Arena.

From there, the singers will perform in U.S. cities, including Charlotte, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, New Orleans and Nashville. The tour concludes Dec. 17 at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. 

Other R&B acts booked for the tour include 112, Bell Biv DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Dru Hill, Ginuwine, H-Town, Keith Sweat, Next, Raheem DeVaughn, Shai, Silk and Xscape.

While Monica is sure to revisit some of her classic songs and fan favorites, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she performs her latest single “Friends,” which features Ty Dolla $ign. The Tasha Catour-produced song will appear on Monica’s forthcoming album, Trenches. 

Of the song, Monica explained, “‘Friends’ is about keeping people in their place and handling your own relationship.” 

“Friends” was released nearly a year after Monica shared her Lil Baby-assisted single “Trenches.” Monica isn’t just focused on R&B. The legendary singer also is working on her debut country album titled Open Roads. She enlisted Brandi Carlile to executive produce the album. 

“I felt like this was a great time for me to really step into an area that I’ve always admired and loved,” Monica told Billboard about recording a country project. “We’re just getting started, but I have so enjoyed it and been welcomed with open arms.” 

Patrick Swanson / September 19,2022

New doc Thirst Trap launches on Tubi and Amazon


Atlanta-born filmmaker and music artist Sensei Chop’s first film, the documentary Thirst Trap, has launched this month on Tubi, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.

Chop directed, produced, wrote, edited, narrated and served as director of photography of the important film that sheds light on the ‘water boy’ culture in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Two things I’m very passionate about is storytelling and my home city of Atlanta. Growing up, we would spend hours on the block every day telling all types of stories. It didn’t matter if the stories were new, old or exaggerated, we just loved hearing and telling them. I think that’s a universal thing when building bonds, storytelling,” comments Chop.

The film features Meka Pless, the mother of Jalaani, her only son, a water boy who was fatally shot over ten dollars, as well as water boy entrepreneurs Joshua Dixion and Quintez Dixion. 

“This film, which is my first, combines the two things I’m passionate about. Between my car being stolen and my mom going missing for a week, it would be an understatement to say I went through some things while creating this documentary but now it’s done. It’s a dope feeling to be able to share an Atlanta story with the world, told my way,” Chop adds.

An accomplished music artist, Thirst Trap marks Chop’s first major film project. A pivotal part of Chop’s artistry relies on his unique ability to combine his passion for rap with film. Where others have to focus on one outlet to express themselves, he is lucky enough to blend both elements with little to no effort.


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