Paul Finebaum: Audience Demands Elle Duncan After Georgia Title

Patrick Swanson / January 14,2023

The College Football Playoff national championship game last week between Georgia and TCU got out of hand very quickly. Many felt like by halftime the contest was over, and the Bulldogs did not let up in their eventual 62-7 victory.

Paul Finebaum had notorious Georgia fan and SportsCenter anchor Elle Duncan on Friday afternoon, and it was because his audience demanded they hear from her.

“As soon as the game became a route the other night, we started hearing from our followers on Twitter and elsewhere ‘we want Elle,'” Finebaum said.

Duncan came out the gates strong with her trash talk, saying that she knew all along that the Bulldogs would claim their second straight national title.

“I realize that maybe I am a little bit of a psychic,” Duncan said. “Because last year in Indianapolis after we beat Alabama, and I had a frog in my throat for a few days that procluded me from speaking, I didn’t realize it’s because like 367 days later we would be swallowing frogs. We would be eating them for absolute lunch. So it was really cool to just have that full circle moment for us.”

Elle also wondered why people wanted her and other Georgia fans to be gracious winners considering they broke a curse last year and then managed to run it back a year later.

“You win a national championship for the first time in 40 years you talk trash,” she said. “You run it back despite the fact that you lost a historic number of players to the NFL, and you’re even better the next year? You should be able to talk trash.”

Duncan also pulled no punches when talking about Alabama and the reaction by Alabama fans to Georgia winning again.

“Bama always find a way to steal some kind of thunder,” she said. “It’s like oh well the game wasn’t particularly fun so let’s make this viral video of Nick Saban having to hear the absolute truth go viral. Why is Alabama on everybody’s minds so much?”

But Elle made it clear not to be surprised to see the Bulldogs back in the title game next year in Houston.

“Guess what bay bay? National championship is in Houston next year, see ya there!” she said. “Buy your ticket now. Go ahead run it. Get that hotel Don’t wait until the last minute guys. We are gonna be there more than likely. So go ahead and run it back.”

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