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Patrick Swanson / May 25,2021

CBD Oil in Georgia - Updated Guideline

Is CBD legal in Georgia? The short answer is yes! Let’s talk about what’s up with CBD in beautiful Georgia!

Patrick Swanson / April 06,2021

The Land of Dumplings and Cheese Pie: A Look into Georgian Culture with Alice Zaslavsky


By: Georgia Free

Australia is a land of many cultures and tongues, and Harmony Week is the perfect time to spotlight a culture Australians may have never have heard of such as Georgia. Former MasterChef contestant Alice Zaslavsky spent just seven years of her life in the tiny country of Georgia but, as an adult, is now reclaiming and celebrating the culture she was born into.

Georgia is a small country, located at the juncture of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and is known for its mountainous landscapes and fresh, flavourful produce.

“Technically it’s in Asia Minor, so it’s between Russia, Asia and the Middle East,” Alice told Sydney radio announcer Sam Robinson on breakfast radio.

“It’s very much on the spice trail, it’s very hilly and green.”

Food has always played a significant role in Alice’s life – a passion which began in Georgia, with her family.

“I think I was born asking “what’s for dinner?” Alice laughed.

“My parents are academics, so we travelled a lot when I was a kid. So whenever we went to a new place, we would go to that place’s market.”

 A Look into Georgian Culture with Alice Zaslavsky

Georgian cuisine is a melting pot of flavours, combining Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian influences – creating some unique dishes, such as cheese pie (khachapuri) and Georgian dumplings.

Patrick Swanson / March 20,2021

Eating My Way Through Savannah, Georgia

Eating My Way Through Savannah, Georgia

Eating My Way Through Savannah, Georgia
One of the great foodie cities of the country, I knew finding some delicious bites wouldn’t be the problem on my recent visit to Savannah, but how to narrow it down for what was really a brief visit. Centuries of multiculturalism have come together to create a truly unique cuisine but one that somehow also instantly feels familiar and even homey. There’s a lot to love about the Savannah, Georgia food scene but these were my own favorite and even unexpected culinary moments.
Savannah Food Tour
My favorite way to first experience any new city is on a food tour, whether I’m in Bologna, Helsinki or Savannah. Not only are food tours inherently fun, they’re informative. When one learns about a local cuisine along with it comes a crash course into the history and culture of a destination since food is an integral aspect of both. Savannah Taste Experience is the only tour company in the city solely focused on food and culinary heritage and they offer a variety of different tour options. Since it was my first time though I went with their classic tour through the city, the First Squares Food Tour.
Eating My Way Through Savannah, Georgia

Patrick Swanson / May 19,2020

Advice for anyone moving to Georgia


1. Save all bacon grease. You will be instructed later how to use it.

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