Coming Across An Outrageous Lincoln Continental Restomod At A Georgia Xmas Car Show

Patrick Swanson / December 11,2022
  • Monster Trucks, Muscle Cars, And A Van Perfect For a Flower Child
  • One Man’s Take On Customizing A Vintage Lincoln Continental
  • Lurking behind the classic Christmas trucks and muscle cars, Sean Dever discovers a surprising green restomod Lincoln.

    Sean Dever of YouTube Channel Junkyards and Barn Finds with Sean has a knack for hunting down excellent classic car finds throughout the Southeast. Recently, he stopped by a Christmas car show fundraiser in Valdosta, Georgia. There, he shows us not only meticulously restored muscle cars but also a few crazy discoveries that you wouldn’t expect to see in a small southern car show.

    Here is the video so that you can check out Sean’s unexpected finds for yourself.

    Monster Trucks, Muscle Cars, And A Van Perfect For a Flower Child

    This Christmas car show has a small-town feel and certainly isn’t as massive as the Don Garlits’ holiday car show that Sean recently covered. Of course, an enormous Ford F-550 that advertises itself as a “dirt hauler” is not something you see every day. The show also would not be complete if we didn’t also see a lovingly restored 1970 Dodge Charger or a spotless 1968 Chevelle SS packing a 396 engine.

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    Among Sean’s more unusual finds is a psychedelic green 1967 Chevy Van 90. From the Flower Power decals on the side of the van to the Hawaiian print curtains and the Pink Floyd poster inside, the owner has customized this classic into a hippie dream. He has used many old parts on the van, including cast-aluminum boat components for the engine and C3 Corvette wheels.

    One Man’s Take On Customizing A Vintage Lincoln Continental


    A big part of the fun of going to classic car shows is seeing how owners personalize their vehicles. Sean happens on to a good example of one: a 1962 Lincoln Continental restomod. Its owner, Syko, has taken it to the next level, painting it candy-apple green and totally covering it with airbrushed accents in orange, blue, and black.

    Except for the interior, Syko has done all the work on the Lincoln himself, including lowering it, swapping in a Town Car chassis, and dropping in a Ford Mustang 4.6-liter V8. Some finishing touches include bellflower exhaust pipes, a hood ornament that reads “Syko”, and a custom car hood with well over 100 tiny louvers.

    The restomod’s interior lives up to its outside and then some, featuring tan and green sparkle patent leather upholstery and a console shaped like a torpedo, among many other details. It’s an audacious-looking ride, one that would look at home in a big city. But, as Sean knows, that’s the beauty of these smaller shows: you never know what you’ll find.

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