Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Review: What Are

Patrick Swanson / January 06,2023
Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Review: What Are

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Review: What Are

It took three episodes of a long cold war for mother and daughter to finally sit down and talk.

Georgia finally revealed to Ginny why she killed Kenny on Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 3. After their brutal fight, it was enjoyable to see them against the world again.

While things were thawing with her mom, Ginny still dealt with an icy reception from the mean girls at school.


You couldn’t pay me to return to high school. Teenage girls are mean when they think they’ve been wronged, and Maxine Baker now considers Ginny her archnemesis. Abby wasn’t far behind on that list.

Neither of them deserved this hatred, and by now, Hunter and Nora had grown tired of it, but Max was the school’s queen bee.


Being a teenager had problems, and Max took out her heartbreak over losing Sophie on Ginny and Abby. She felt that Marcus stole her BFF and that Abby betrayed the code by not telling her about Ginny and Marcus.

However, when Abby tried to do the right thing and warn Max that she saw Sophie on a date, Max still blamed her. It was like Abby couldn’t win.

No wonder Abby wanted to skip school with Ginny and let loose. Ginny’s not the type to get high, but it was apparent both girls needed to vent about their lives and needed a friend.

I felt worse for Abby. Ginny’s made new friends, but Abby seemed so isolated. Abby craved attention from her parents or friends, which worried me about what she might do.


Between her issues at school and problems at home, Ginny became overwhelmed, which was a trigger for her. Her home life was dysfunctional, and the tension was thick.

She began snapping her rubber band more, and her therapist urged her to write her thoughts in a journal to decipher her feelings. Because Ginny couldn’t handle anyone else butting in her life, when Marcus tried to intervene, she blew up at him.

Since Marcus and Ginny were so similar, he lost patience and decided not to be the punching bag. Both of them were depressed without the other one, and the couple created poetry together in a heartfelt scene.

Since Marcus was artistic, he understood writing your feelings down, and it was sweet how Ginny wrote an apology poem, realizing how much she needed Marcus. These two have been each other’s anchors in the storm.


Since she was a teenager, Georgia has schemed to achieve her goals, whether it was to cut the amount on a bill or shoplift some new clothes.

No one should be surprised that she would take advantage of Cynthia and Zach’s grieving to worm her way into the neighborhood club.

Georgia knew how important the Emily Dickenson book was. I suspect she took it herself and planted it in Zach’s backpack, so she would become the hero.

Georgia can be a wonderful mother, but she also has no issue using her kids in her game when needed.


Ginny and Georgia’s feud has overtaken the last few episodes. Mother and daughter are more alike than they realize. While Ginny thought she was a pawn in her mom’s chess game, Georgia thought Ginny was playing games by being pleasant to Paul.

Georgia: I need you to grow up. I’m so mad I could…
Ginny: Kill me?

Part of me thought Ginny was playing a dangerous game, using Austin’s own credit card to buy him games, but she had a point. Why shouldn’t he reap the benefits if Georgia took one out in his name?

Georgia: you went into my purse?
Ginny: You put it in Austin’s name. I figured he might as well get something out of it.
Georgia: I did that out of necessity.

Ginny’s a teenager, though. She doesn’t know why they’re running from Gil or the authorities or how dangerous these people really are. Right now, she only wanted to stick it to her mother.

Ginny: I’m not scared of you.
Georgia: Scared of me? I’m scared of you! You can’t be trusted!


Understandably, Ginny wanted answers since Cordova put that bug in her ear about Georgia killing Kenny. That was wrong, though, unloading on her mom in front of Paul and sharing the news with Marcus.

Since everyone often told Ginny she was like her mom, now she feared she was fierce and fearless like her and was tortured knowing her mom committed murder.

It’s the first time we’ve seen Georgia have an emotional breakdown and panic attack, as Zion mentioned.

If only Ginny would tell her mom the truth, they’d be able to relate to each other better.


Ginny: Why’d you do it, mom?
Georgia: Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.

Georgia has so many skeletons in her closet that Ginny might not be ready for them. When Georgia realized Kenny had started touching Ginny in a similar fashion that her stepdad had abused her, she saw red.

Georgia admitted she’s not proud of what she did, but she’s proud of protecting Ginny and getting them to a better place.

Ginny wanted to take the darkness away from Ginny. She never wanted Ginny to live through what she went through as a child, so they moved to Wellsbury for a fresh start.


Everything I do is for you and your brother. If you don’t trust me, trust that.


Georgia’s life changed immensely when she became a pregnant teenager. She strived to give Ginny a better life and make sure she was happy and loved. Georgia’s brand of love may have been hard for Ginny to swallow at times, but it was genuine.

Mother and daughter are stronger than ever, reunited in their quest against the world. Hopefully, Ginny understands that Georgia would do anything to protect her children, and that’s not always easy choices.

Now that Ginny shared the burden of her mom’s secret, what will happen next?


Now that Ginny knows the truth, will that strengthen her relationship with her mom or add to her burdens? How long will the mean girls’ clique freeze out Ginny and Abby?

What has been your favorite relationship so far? Chime in below in the comments.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.


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