Violent Antifa Riot in Atlanta Manned by Out-of-State Invaders

Patrick Swanson / January 22,2023
Violent Antifa Riot in Atlanta Manned by Out-of-State Invaders
  • Typical Antifa ‘Peaceful Protest’
  • Antifa Attackers Came from Washington State, Nevada, and Maine
  • A violent riot by Antifa rocked the downtown of Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend. It was also manned by out-of-state communists, the local police discovered after identifying the ones they had managed to arrest.

    Typical Antifa ‘Peaceful Protest’

    Dozens of businesses had their windows and glass doors smashed in downtown Atlanta on Saturday. At the same time, a police car was set on fire.

    The rally had been called after, last week, during a sweep in an Antifa-occupied “no-go” zone in DeKalb County, the Atlanta police shot and killed 26-year-old far-left activist Manuel Teran.

    Teran or another of the America-hating occupiers shot at the police and wounded a state trooper. He survived but had to be hospitalized and undergo surgery. 

    Teran’s nickname was Tortuguita. He was a “non-binary” individual who used made-up “they/it” pronouns. 

    A forested area in DeKalb County, which has been set aside for the construction of a police and firefighting training center, has been occupied by woke activists for many months now, who call it “cop city.” 

    As masked, black-clad Antifa thugs descended upon downtown Atlanta on Saturday night, they started lighting fireworks and throwing rocks.

    The criminals attacked the building hosting the Atlanta Police Foundation and shattered its large glass windows, The Tampa Free Press reported.

    The report noted that “stunned tourists scattered” as the Antifa monsters started smashing businesses indiscriminately along Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Street, managing to set a police cruiser on fire, and spraying walls with anti-police insults.




    Violent Antifa Riot in Atlanta Manned by Out-of-State Invaders

    Antifa Attackers Came from Washington State, Nevada, and Maine

    The slogans the Antifa stormtroopers chanted before resorting to outright violence made it clear they thought the police were lying when they said Teran fired at officers.

    The protesters said the police committed a “murder,” rejecting the announcement of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). The GBI said the wounded state trooper was hit in the abdomen by a bullet fired from the gun that Tortuguita possessed.

    The Atlanta Police captured six Antifa thugs on Saturday night, seizing from them explosive devices, Chief Darin Schierbaum told a press conference.

    The far-left gangsters didn’t manage to hurt any citizens or police officers as they were stopped within two blocks – even though the extremists had the “intent” to do more harm,” the police chief said.

    The six arrested attackers have been charged with domestic terrorism. As the Atlanta Police Department established their identities, though, it turned out that five of the six had come to riot in Atlanta from outside of the state of Georgia.

    As per police records, only one detainee was an actual Georgia resident. That is 20-year-old Graham Evatt from Decatur, the central city of DeKalb County, in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, where the Antifa-occupied cop city is located.