Georgia Residents Increasingly Trust Emergency Physicians

Patrick Swanson / September 19,2022

In rural Georgia, when you need immediate essential healthcare services, and you don’t have the time to drive miles upon miles to seek care — many residents are finding comfort and respect for hospitals that have invested in physicians and technology for their emergency medicine departments in their local communities.   

Life or Death Situation

In emergency situations, timelines for care can escalate quickly… it can even be a matter of life and death in some cases. In rural areas, challenges are compounded as historically those are the areas within the state where distance to an emergency room is often significant, and then staffing the rural ER department is traditionally difficult as well.  The problem is that if that wait or drive is too long, a patient may not find the right care in time. In most emergency situations, time is of the essence. There is no time to waste. 

Rural Areas Widely Underserved

Adding to the healthcare complexity, only about 8% of emergency physicians practice in rural areas. The majority of ER professionals serve in urban and/or suburban locations. 

As a result, many large hospital systems in urban areas often have a lot of staffing depth with practitioners, and also typically keep job opportunities open to help offset the physician churn.  By comparison, rural areas simply have a harder time with staffing based on population challenges, and proximity to large metropolitan cities such as Atlanta.  

Partnering to Fill the Need, and Meet the Demand

We recently learned of an innovative and impressive privately-held company focused on helping patients (and hospitals) throughout Georgia, with a concentration in the rural areas of Georgia.  Emergency Physicians in Georgia should take note of SouthlandMD.  

SouthlandMD takes on the role of providing operations support to existing healthcare facilities and hospitals through partnerships. They’re an innovative physician-owned and operated group that provides operational management and provider staffing for Emergency Medicine, while also creating solutions for Hospitalist Medicine, Behavioral Health, and Specialty Care & Outpatient Care programs. 

SouthlandMD has positioned their services along the following lines: “bring back the idea of the small-town family doctor with the added bonuses of the training and experience of some of the area’s best medical practitioners”.  

With over 3 million visits to Georgia-based emergency rooms in 2021, it’s clear that SouthlandMD’s business model is working as they now operate with over 450 physicians and advance provide practitioners, working in over 20 rural hospitals across the state of Georgia. .  

Their commitment to providing industry-leading patient care, streamlining throughout for hospitals, and improving overall satisfaction for patients and physicians is helping communities throughout the state live with increasing confidence that a high level of quality care will be available at the nearest Emergency Department. 

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