DeKalb County homeowners concerned property is getting damaged from neighboring construction site – WSB-TV Channel 2

Patrick Swanson / January 15,2023

Ellenwood residents said it’s a cacophony of noises, constantly coming from an expanding tractor-trailer and dump truck parking lot.

“I initially saw a lot of clearing of trees then then I saw the development of what appeared to be a parking lot for 18 wheelers,” said Ericka Watkins.

Westside Place home owners told Channel 2′s Ashli Lincoln they noticed what they’re describing as abrasive construction work impacting their homes.

“It affected our daily living,” Alan Watkins said.

Residents said they were even more shocked to see land had been cleared for the truck parking lot under a section of a Georgia Power power grid.

Channel 2 Action News brought this to the attention of Georgia power.

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In a statement Georgia Power said:

In the interest of providing customers safe, reliable and affordable power, we don’t allow use of easements that may interfere with our facilities and/or our access to those facilities. Georgia Power tries to accommodate reasonable use of our easements, including streets, roads, driveways, parking and several other uses if it will not interfere with our operations, standards are observed, and an agreement is properly executed. We are familiar with this property and are working with the owners to ensure that their intended use of the easement is permissible and meets appropriate requirements.

Notices of violations from DeKalb County:

1734 Henrico Road

  • On Jan. 10, DeKalb County Code Compliance officers inspected 1734 Henrico Road and on Jan. 12 issued notice of violations for open storage of trash, inoperative and unregistered vehicles, and parking/storage of commercial vehicles.
  • A stop work order was also posted on site for building an accessory structure without a permit.

1756 Henrico Road

  • On Jan. 10, the DeKalb County Planning Department issued a stop work order for 1756 Henrico Road due to unpermitted land disturbance and grading, and a lack of sedimentation and erosion control.
  • Notices of violation were mailed to the owner of record for 1756 Henrico Road for open storage of trash and inoperative and unregistered vehicles onsite.
  • According to the registered agent of the property owner, Hinji. Inc. of Singapore, any activity is unauthorized by the owner.
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