Florida fights back against Biden’s election monitors

Patrick Swanson / November 07,2022

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – The state of Florida is pushing back against the federal government’s “monitoring” inside polling places on Election Day, saying it violates state law.

On Monday, the Florida Department of State sent a letter to Joe Biden’s Justice Department, notifying officials that “federal election monitors” are prohibited from going inside polling locations.

The Justice Department announced it was sending monitors to 64 jurisdictions in 24 states, stating: “Monitors will include personnel from the Civil Rights Division and from U.S. Attorneys’ Offices. In addition, the division also deploys monitors from the Office of Personnel Management, where authorized by federal court order. Division personnel will also maintain contact with state and local election officials.”

“Department of Justice monitors are not permitted under Florida law,” wrote Brad McVay, general counsel for the Florida Department of State in his letter of objection.

“Even if they could qualify as ‘law enforcement … the presence of federal law enforcement inside polling places would be counterproductive and could potentially undermine confidence in the election.”

The federal agents are targeting three Florida counties with large Democrat majorities: Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.

McVay says the Justice Department did “not detail the need for federal monitors in these counties. None of the counties are currently subject to any election-related federal consent decrees. None of the counties have been accused of violating the rights of language or racial minorities or of the elderly or disabled.”

“Your letters simply provide a non-exhaustive list of federal elections statutes as the basis for this action without pointing to any specific statutory authorization. When asked for specific authorization during our phone call this evening, you did not provide any. Accordingly, the Florida Department of State invokes its authority under section 101.58(2) of the Florida Statutes to send its own monitors to the three targeted jurisdictions. These monitors will ensure that there is no interference with the voting process.”

The matter was discussed on “Real America’s Voice” Tuesday morning, with former Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer stressing, “This is an illegal act” by the federal government.

“This obviously has Floridians on high alert today.”

“It’s just an example of federal government overreach into elections,” she continued. “They want to have control.”

Loomer speculated on why the Democrat-majority counties were being targeted.

“Due to the Democrats’ insanity and their radical agenda, some of the South Florida districts … are expected to flip Republican,” she explained. “I’m not going to say this is deliberate fraud, but it certainly is illegal.”

“It’s important for everyone to stay vigilant and alert,” Loomer concluded, urging citizens, “If they see fraud, record it, film it, and send it to their local sheriff.”

The full list of locations the DOJ is targeting for its monitors is:

  • City of Bethel, Alaska;
  • Dillingham Census Area, Alaska;
  • Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska;
  • Sitka City-Borough, Alaska;
  • Maricopa County, Arizona;
  • Navajo County, Arizona;
  • Pima County, Arizona;
  • Pinal County, Arizona;
  • Yavapai County, Arizona;
  • Newton County, Arkansas;
  • Los Angeles County, California;
  • Sonoma County, California;
  • Broward County, Florida;
  • Miami-Dade County, Florida;
  • Palm Beach County, Florida;
  • Cobb County, Georgia;
  • Fulton County, Georgia;
  • Gwinnett County, Georgia;
  • Town of Clinton, Massachusetts;
  • City of Everett, Massachusetts;
  • City of Fitchburg, Massachusetts;
  • City of Leominster, Massachusetts;
  • City of Malden, Massachusetts;
  • City of Methuen, Massachusetts;
  • City of Randolph, Massachusetts;
  • City of Salem, Massachusetts;
  • Prince George’s County, Maryland;
  • City of Detroit, Michigan;
  • City of Flint, Michigan;
  • City of Grand Rapids, Michigan;
  • City of Pontiac, Michigan;
  • City of Southfield, Michigan;
  • City of Minneapolis, Minnesota;
  • Hennepin County, Minnesota;
  • Ramsey County, Minnesota;
  • Cole County, Missouri;
  • Alamance County, North Carolina;
  • Columbus County, North Carolina;
  • Harnett County, North Carolina;
  • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina;
  • Wayne County, North Carolina;
  • Middlesex County, New Jersey;
  • Bernalillo County, New Mexico;
  • San Juan County, New Mexico;
  • Clark County, Nevada;
  • Washoe County, Nevada;
  • Queens County, New York;
  • Cuyahoga County, Ohio;
  • Berks County, Pennsylvania;
  • Centre County, Pennsylvania;
  • Lehigh County, Pennsylvania;
  • Luzerne County, Pennsylvania;
  • Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;
  • City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island;
  • Horry County, South Carolina;
  • Dallas County, Texas;
  • Harris County, Texas;
  • Waller County, Texas;
  • San Juan County, Utah;
  • City of Manassas, Virginia;
  • City of Manassas Park, Virginia;
  • Prince William County, Virginia;
  • City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and,
  • City of Racine, Wisconsin.
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