Cashier – Team Member

Patrick Swanson / November 27,2022

The Customer Service Associate provides excellent customer service and supports their manager in meeting store operational, sales and profitability objectives. The Customer Service Associate serves our customer’s needs by being well trained, friendly and responsive while following company procedures and policies.

Customer Service Associates help to serve our customer needs and requirements, resulting in satisfied, repeat customers. They help their managers maintain inventory, cash, and forms according to company requirements. They greet and thank our customers on each visit and service our customers in a fast and friendly manner. Additionally, Customer Service Associates make sure all shift tasks are completed and assist in maintaining the Enmarket cleanliness and customer service standards at their location.


1. Reports for work at scheduled time, with a clean, neat, well-groomed appearance and in uniform with name tag. Ready to meet and serve our customer’s needs.
2. Count and verify starting cash and inventory to make sure it agrees with the last shift cashier.
3. Greet every customer pleasantly, with a smile and positive attitude, and always offer ways to assist them, such as using pumps, locating merchandise, buying a car wash (where offered), and thanking them for trading with ENMARKET, so they will return to the location as a loyal customer.
4. Match customer sale on pumps with pump number and amount on cash register to assure accuracy, complete total sale and collect proper amount and return appropriate change to customer by counting it to them in a friendly manner.
5. Count all cash and change accurately so your shift report forms will balance with sales and our customers and the company receive fair, honest results.
6. Complete all cleaning tasks assigned such as windows, doors, counters, floors inside and out, restrooms, food service areas, merchandise shelves.
7. Restock shelves, racks, coolers and food service programs with merchandise at the beginning, during and the end of the shift as needed to provide our customers the products that they want.
8. Work at a rapid pace totaling customer orders, counting change, supplying other products to keep the customer’s time brief and so there is no line of waiting customers.
9. Provide outstanding service to customers, serve as role model for other employees, and make customer service a number one priority at Enmarket’s stores/stations.
10. Monitor all areas of the property during the shift to maintain safety, cleanliness, adequate product, service standards, and integrity.
11. Know and follow all safety and environmental procedures and policies.
12. Know and able to perform every task within the store and station needed on shifts.
13. Complete all assigned store/station tasks and activities as required to meet company standards.
14. Follow all company policies and State and Federal Laws dealing with the sale of alcohol beverages and tobacco products.
15. Help the Store Manager control work hours and overtime by working assigned hours based on the location’s weekly work schedule.
16. Help resolve customer complaints and problems quickly and effectively.
17. Complete all shift reports accurately, neatly and timely to meet company standards.
18. Maintain a calm, poise and friendly demeanor when dealing with rude customers or unpredictable situations.
19. Work independently without constant supervision to maintain a level of service that will produce great customer satisfaction.
20. Perform all tasks, such as handling large amounts of cash and merchandise, in a careful, organized, honest and responsible way so reports balance and are completed accurately and on time.
21. Follow the correct vendor check-in procedures as defined in the operations manual and trained by manager.
22. Follow all money policies and procedures including safe drop and cash drawer policies.
23. Control the use of No Sales, Voids and Canceled Sales on your shifts.
24. Follow the company video and security procedures and policies.
25. Know Enmark’s credit card and check processing procedures and follow them 100% of the time.
26. Follow all company policies and local, state and federal laws.
27. Other duties as may be assigned/needed.
Must have a customer-centric, friendly, service attitude.
Ability to stand at register for up to 8 hours at a time to serve customers.
Ability to perform basic math functions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, percentages); understanding volume, pounds, required.
Ability to stoop, bend, stretch, reach, stack, and lift inventory weighing up to 40 pounds to stock, inventory, and sell merchandise and keep the kiosk/store/station/lot clean.
Be able to see, differentiate and compute money.
Ability to hear, understand, and respond to requests and to communicate information clearly using the English language.
Ability to use POS (cash register and pump controls).
Be able to work all assigned shifts.
Must have a strong work ethic and be able to cooperate and get along with co-workers.