Biden Votes With Granddaughter, Trips Over His Hypocrisy and Compares Himself to Fetterman

Patrick Swanson / October 29,2022
Biden Votes With Granddaughter, Trips Over His Hypocrisy and Compares Himself to Fetterman

Biden Votes With Granddaughter, Trips Over His Hypocrisy and Compares Himself to Fetterman

Joe Biden voted in Delaware in early voting on Saturday with his 18-year-old granddaughter Natalie Biden, daughter of Beau, who was voting for the first time.

Even though Biden attacked Georgia over the election law that they passed last year claiming that it was “Jim Crow on steroids,” Georgia has more opportunity to vote than Delaware. You may notice something else when the two of them vote — they both have to show ID. It even looks like they have signature verification as well.

So if an ID is racist, as Democrats have told us, why is that happening in Joe Biden’s state and why isn’t he objecting, if it’s suppression? Because of course, it’s not suppression, he knows that, he’s engaged in it for years. It’s normal in Delaware, in much of the country, and in a lot of places elsewhere in the world. It’s only the Democrats who try to make some ridiculous lie that requiring an ID is suppression. But they only attack the red states over it. It shows how completely hypocritical Joe Biden was in his criticism of Georgia.

Natalie, who just turned 18, was so thrilled to be able to vote for the first time. Joe Biden put a sticker on her chest, indicating she voted, then kissed her. That interaction got a lot of comments on social media.

Biden then made comments on which we already reported — about the Pelosi attack and attacking people for questioning elections and saying that kind of “talk” must stop. Maybe he should check with Hillary Clinton who just declared that the Republicans were planning to steal the 2024 election.

How delusional is Joe Biden? Listen as he also praises John Fetterman’s debate skills.

Biden said he thought Fetterman was “really good, thought he knew what he was doing, thought he was strong,” none of which is true. “He’s my kind of guy,” Biden declared. “You know where he stands…He’s just getting better and better.”

The problem of course is that Fetterman is “his kind of guy”: they both have cognition issues, albeit for different reasons. Neither should be holding office or seeking other offices because of it. You don’t know where Fetterman stands because Fetterman can’t enunciate it. He has flip-flopped and lied about where he stands, just like Joe Biden. Both have horrible policies which have severely hurt the people they claim to serve. Fetterman should be concentrating on getting well and Biden should be retired. Instead, the Democrats have put both of them in these positions and that’s pretty shameful.

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