Georgia Football: How Much Will a Offense Actually Change

Patrick Swanson / January 17,2020

The 2019 Georgia Football group finished 4th in a final AP rankings, and of a tip 25 teams, usually dual (Iowa Cincinnati) scored fewer points per game. So, to contend a Bulldogs’ success came around their invulnerability is an understatement. 

Of a 6 inhabitant championships given the College Football Playoff system was commissioned during a 2014-15 season, a winning group has scored an normal of 39.0 PPG. Needless to say, in today’s code of college football you’re going to need to measure to win. And measure a lot. 

So, how have teams left about scoring as many points as they have, and will a Georgia offense indeed change? 

There are a lot of contributing factors. Football traditionalists will censure a RPO, or a “Air Raid” offenses for a scoring increase. When in reality, today’s code of football is about space and pace. 

Time of Possession has turn irrelevant

Spread out a defense, play fast, and expostulate a round down a field. That is a complicated college football offense. In fact, Georgia was one of only dual Power-5 teams ranked in a tip 20 in Time of Possession this deteriorate that won during slightest 10 games. 

The box investigate for descent transformation is apparently LSU. In 2018 they ran a round 43.0 times per game. And were 14th in a republic in Time of Possession, using over 72 descent plays per game. 

In 2019, a Tigers ran a round 33.9 times per diversion and were ranked 53rd in Time of Possession this season. They increasing their offense prolongation by 166 yards per diversion and led a republic in scoring while using only 62 descent plays per game. 

Georgia’s numbers on offense in 2019 demeanour rather identical to that of LSU in 2018 before a attainment of a flitting diversion guru, Joe Brady. 

Sure, all a numbers make sense, though they are only numbers. How did LSU conduct to measure a full 16 points per diversion some-more while using 10 fewer plays? Well, they gathering a round downfield constantly. 

LSU was series one in bomb expostulate rate this deteriorate – scoring drives averaging during slightest 10 yards per play. 35.6% of their scoring drives averaged during slightest 10 yards per play. For comparison, Georgia was 59th during only 14.2%. 

Of course, a lot of that has to do with a crew during LSU. After all, they did have dual 1,000 yard receivers and a quarterback that only had utterly presumably a biggest statistical deteriorate in a story of college football. 

However, it’s not like Georgia doesn’t have a pieces in place to make a identical jump in 2020. But how? 

Insert Todd Monken

Todd Monken’s story would tell we that he’s a pass-first coordinator. From Oklahoma State to his time during Southern Miss and all a approach adult to a large leagues with a Bucs and Browns, his offenses have sundry in terms formations, formed on personnel, with one idea in mind… Win by a air. 

And either or not you’re handing a round off or throwing a ball, a design is to get your best players in space with a round in their hands. 

Monken’s offense is a no fear code of play calling. If it’s 3rd 15 don’t design a half-back draw. Expect Jamie Newman to be dropping behind and being asked to expostulate a round downfield. First downs could turn flitting downs for a initial time during Georgia. Playing for a margin idea could be no more, though all of that is contingent on a conduct man. 

It took Nick Saban utterly a while to hook to a likes of a loyal widespread system, though even he knows we have to play during slightest 15 games to win a inhabitant pretension in today’s system. Which means when a second week of Jan arrives and you’re personification for a inhabitant title, a contingency that your invulnerability is going to be fit and prepared to reason a group like Clemson or LSU to 14 points is a unsure proposition. 

This sinecure from Smart is a initial pointer of a eagerness to change. The really subsequent pointer will substantially come when he’s faced with a 3rd 10 during a opponent’s 27-yard line. Does he tell his coordinator to strengthen a 3 points, or does he let a bullets fly? Only time will tell. 

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