Dems Accused of Scheming to Claim Election Victory No Matter the Votes

Patrick Swanson / November 06,2022

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats, reacting to President Trump’s claims of a stolen 2020 presidential election, launched into a campaign against “election deniers” that they still pursue, despite the fact members of their own party are outspoken “election deniers” after any election won by a Republican.

Of course, after the fact, we learned that in the 2020 race the FBI lobbied Big Tech to suppress damaging information about the Biden family’s business dealings, and Mark Zuckerberg handed out, through foundations, $400 million plus, and the evidence shows either one of those factors likely changed the election winner from President Trump to Joe Biden.

But they still claimed that Trump was doing anything to hold onto power.

Now THEY will, charges John Daniel Davidson, senior editor at The Federalist.

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In a column at that publication, he pointed out that Democrats and corporate media on their side “have been pushing hard the message that we won’t know the results of key races for days, maybe weeks.”

“It’s not just about counting absentee ballots, it’s about getting the rigging in place, either to claim victory or deny the legitimacy of the vote. Whatever Democrats say they fear Republican ‘election deniers’ might do, they themselves are preparing to do the same or worse,” he wrote.

He pointed out Democrats have built their power by aligning “with elite interests and woke morality,” and now control the White House and the administrative bureaucracy and are supported by corporate media and Big Tech.

Would they, he asked, in losses during this week’s midterms, “simply relinquish that power? Hand it over to the very people it has been decrying as the destroyers of our democracy? Allow someone like Donald Trump ever to get near the White House again?”

He continued, “No, of course not. What Democrats did in the six months leading up to the 2020 election – not just the rioting and looting, but the rigging or ‘fortifying’ of the election through lawsuits and coordinated online censorship – should be understood as a dry run. The Democrats will use every executive branch agency, every tool of law enforcement, every malign demonstration of force at their disposal to remain in power, or at least to deprive real power of Republicans.”

He pointed out we now know that even before Trump won in 2016, “the FBI began crafting an ‘insurance policy,’ the Russia collusion hoax, in case he won. Recall, too, how every major Democrat denounced Trump as ‘illegitimate’ after he won, how left-wing street thugs rioted in major cities, and how elected Democrats managed to hobble Trump’s presidency through endless investigations and a frivolous impeachment. And above all, we saw how they were determined not to let the same thing happen in 2020. And it didn’t.”

Now, as midterm results roll in, he warned, “A political party that has convinced itself the country faces an existential crisis if its opponents win at the ballot box, and that doesn’t even pretend to serve anyone other than its base of college-educated leftists, is a toxic combination. Such a party is of course incapable of winning a majority, but it’s also incapable of relinquishing power, which makes it by far the greatest threat to democracy our country now faces.”

The evidence, he said, is that Democrats adopted their “woke” agenda and pursued it at the expense of Americans.

“Democrats’ inability to moderate even a little bit, their unwillingness to snap awake to reality and respond to voters with some measure of empathy, however small, is of course a consequence of the party’s capture by its radical left-wing base. … The danger comes when Democrats refuse to accept that they have no mandate from the people to remain in power, and inevitably seek some other justification for clinging to it.”

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