Is distracted trucking still a major problem?

Patrick Swanson / December 10,2022

In recent years, distracted driving has been a persistent problem in Georgia and across the United States. When drivers of passenger vehicles do it, there is undoubtedly danger of an accident with serious injuries and death. If truckers do it, the risk is exponentially worse because of the size of the vehicles they are driving. Georgia has taken steps to tamp down on distraction and there has been a notable improvement. However, truckers are still prone to the practice. When there has been a collision, it is imperative for people who were involved to think about the cause and take steps to determine if distraction was a factor. This could be crucial as they decide on their options in the aftermath of the accident and as they move forward. Georgia cracks down on unsafe trucking with distraction a focus Recently, there was a three-day crackdown on truckers who are behaving in unsafe ways in Georgia. Initiated by the Georgia Department of Public Safety, commercial vehicles were targeted for enforcement. This happened in mid-November on the interstate and other locations. Officers were specifically looking for safety lapses and distracted trucking. Over those three full days, there were 36 drivers who were taken out of service. Thirty-four trucks were taken from the road. Among the citations that were handed out included 41 for speeding, eight for following too closely and 20 for distracted driving or using a cellphone behind the wheel. Study shows how distraction can raise the risk of an accident To highlight the danger of distracted driving, a recent study emphasizes the problems it causes with road safety. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute assessed how drivers using their hands for tasks other than driving causes the highest danger for an accident or incident. While there are many ways in which a person can use their hands in lieu of having them on the wheel, electronics is the primary way in which people can be distracted. It found that texting raises the chance of an unsafe incident by 23 times. Dialing a cellphone raises it by six times. The longer a driver’s eyes are removed from the road, the greater chance of an incident. In events where the driver was found to be responsible for the accident, more than 5% had been using their cellphone. If there is a truck accident, distraction must be considered as a catalyst Even though distraction is common with truckers, it is still vital to gather evidence that this might have been a catalyst for the accident. Because these trucks are so heavy, fast and can do an immense amount of damage, those who were hurt in a crash with a truck may face long-term consequences because of it. This can be costly in a seemingly endless number of ways. For medical care, lost time on the job, long-term damage and a significantly changed lifestyle, it can be a long road to try and recover. It is financially and personally costly and someone should be held accountable for what occurred. It is wise for people who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a truck accident to be aware of how often truckers are distracted as they think about what to do following the crash. Consulting with those who know how to investigate truck accidents and move forward with pursuing compensation can be helpful.The post Is distracted trucking still a major problem? first appeared on Mitchell & Shapiro LLP.