Atlanta Healthcare Entrepreneur Makes Specialized Healthcare His Mission

Patrick Swanson / November 25,2022
Atlanta Healthcare Entrepreneur Makes Specialized Healthcare His Mission

Atlanta Healthcare Entrepreneur Makes Specialized Healthcare His Mission

Jay Ramos and Precision Healthcare Solutions strive to offer compassionate, comprehensive healthcare services.

Atlanta, Georgia Nov 27, 2022 ( – Specialized healthcare is a vital part of life for those affected by conditions that limit their mobility and capacity to complete daily living tasks.

In many locations, those services are either lacking or nonexistent.

But in Atlanta, one up-and-coming healthcare entrepreneur has made it his mission to provide high-quality, personalized healthcare services available to the public.

Precision Healthcare’s managing director, Jay Ramos, believes the people of Atlanta deserve no less.

“Precision Healthcare strives to ensure that people across Georgia have access to a team that practices both compassion and professionalism when providing healthcare services,” says Ramos.

Precision Healthcare is a healthcare agency built to provide daily living assistance to individuals between the ages of 4 and 21 who are medically fragile and need personal care support and skilled nursing.

“Precision Healthcare was inspired by the needs of area residents affected by common diagnoses like cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and paralysis,” Ramos said.

Precision Healthcare assists clients with daily activities such as feeding, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication assistance, toileting, transferring, and companionship.

They also provide specialized services including vital sign checks, catheter maintenance, G-tube care, tracheostomy, and post-op care, Ramos said. Most clients have mobility impairments that require the use of a wheelchair, walker, crutches, special equipment, or artificial limbs.

Being able to provide those much-needed services in the community is a point of pride for Precision Healthcare.

“I find personal satisfaction in solving problems and meeting challenges, especially when the payoff is helping a child with special needs and providing jobs that our nurses can rely on,” Ramos said. “I decided early on to prioritize my clients and nurses above all else.”

From that decision, he has directed Precision Healthcare to be a premier provider for those who desire the highest level of quality care.

“We want to be the first choice for those looking to have their loved ones treated with empathy, respect, and professionalism,” Ramos said. “I believe every person deserves the best life possible; for many, that depends entirely on the assistance of their caregivers. At Precision Healthcare, we ensure everyone has that opportunity, no matter their affliction.”

Precision Healthcare initiates the relationship with families by effectively assessing the client’s condition, submitting documentation promptly, and providing communication throughout the entire intake process, he said.

They also demonstrate transparency by welcoming clients and their caregivers to participate in nurse interviews, allowing them to communicate their needs and preferences directly.

Ramos said they promote accountability through the implementation of electronic visit verification software and daily supervision of all staff members once services begin.

But even as they currently provide vital care to those in need, Ramos said he plans to continue expanding and diversifying his services and products in order to form a more comprehensive agency.

“Looking forward, we plan to expand our home care and school nursing services into multiple states and possibly venture into producing a line of wellness supplements and medical equipment,” Ramos said. “But as we continue to grow, our commitment to never sacrificing our quality of care continues to be the primary focus.”

“For us, it is not just business. It’s about providing quality healthcare solutions that families can depend on.” he continued. “I invite anyone with specialized needs to explore how we can positively impact you and your loved ones’ lives.”

For more information about Precision Healthcare Solutions, visit their website,

The company also maintains a social media presence on Instagram at @PrecisionHCS.