Ballot Counting Anomaly Identified in 97% of Georgia Counties in 2020

Patrick Swanson / October 10,2022

Williamson County, Tennessee held a local election a year ago on October 26, 2021. As the ballots were being run through Dominion Voting Systems counting machines, an election worker was jotting notes down on a Post-It. They noticed something strange. 300 ballots had been fed into two counting machines, but only 98 ballots were counted. 202 ballots were not counted. The counting machines did not send out any type of alert declaring that an error had occurred. The same anomaly caused 7 of the 18 Dominion counting machines in Williamson County to miscount ballots. Now an election watchdog group has found the same “Tennessee Error” on 64 of Georgia’s 66 counties, and the error was present during the 2020 election.

An interior message in the Tennessee machines showed an error code called “QR Code Signature Mismatch,” and a warning message stating, “Ballot format or ID is unrecognizable.” Here’s what we know about this anomaly so far, according to the watchdog known as the Election Oversight Group.

Whenever the QR Code Signature Mismatch error – the “Tennessee Error” – happens on a ballot counted by a Dominion tabulator, it fails to count that ballot. Then, it fails to count every ballot loaded into the machine after it. If there are 100 ballots in the machine and the error triggers on ballot number 47, then ballots 48 through 100 are uncounted – and the machine doesn’t tell anyone. The uncounted ballots can only be discovered by rifling through the code on the machine afterward. It’s a small miracle that a savvy election worker in Williamson County even caught the error in 2021.


The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is an independent federal agency tasked with accrediting voting system test labs and certifying voting equipment. The EAC was created under the George W. Bush administration in 2002.

The EAC, the state of Tennessee, and two voting machine accreditation companies went to Williamson County and found the same QR Code Signature Mismatch error on 7 of the county’s 18 Dominion Voting System Image Cast Precinct (ICP) vote counting machines. However, they could not figure out what caused the error. They found the error on the machines but have no idea what caused it.

When they couldn’t figure out the source of the problem, they called in Dominion. When Dominion sent technicians to examine their own machines, they couldn’t figure out the cause of the Tennessee Error either. Their report, issued to the EAC in March of this year, states that “the direct cause of the anomaly was inconclusive.”

But what about the ballot images? Every ballot that runs through a scanner has a digital image of it created.

However, with the uncounted ballots with this QR code error, the ballot images were shuffled aside and stored in a provisional folder that was completely hidden from the counting machine’s vote total and the poll closing tape. The images, in other words, were in a folder that election workers could not access and didn’t send out any kind of notice that the ballots even existed.

The Election Assistance Commission – which your tax dollars pays for – said that it couldn’t find the same anomaly on any other machines in any other state. But the Election Oversight Group submitted public records requests in Georgia and the found the Tennessee Error on Dominion machines there. The same error was on machines in 64 of the 66 Georgia counties that use Dominion tabulators.

Here are a few examples that they found, not only in the 2022 primaries earlier this year, but also in the 2020 election which was stolen from Donald Trump:

In Dekalb County, 2,800 ballots were scanned but not counted by machines in 2022 primary election. The discrepancy was found during a hand recount.

In Gwinnett County, 1,600 ballots were scanned but not counted by Dominion machines in the 2020 election.

In Floyd County, 2,800 ballots were scanned but not counted in the 2020 election.

That’s 4,400 ballots in the 2020 election in just two counties, by the way. That’s nearly half of Joe Biden’s fake “victory” right there!

The EAC said in its report that it could not determine the root cause of this problem. On the same page of its report, the EAC states that the problem was fixed. Huh?! That doesn’t inspire confidence. If your heart surgeon tells you he couldn’t figure out the cause of the problem, but he fixed it during the surgery, would you believe him? Why should we believe this problem is fixed on Dominion machines, if federal agencies and Dominion itself can’t tell us what caused the problem?

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