Patrick Swanson / January 08,2023

“I Would Not Want to Be Prosecuted by Fani Willis”: Is Trump Going to Be Criminally Indicted in Georgia?



As we’ve long noted around these parts, it’s basically a full-time job to keep up with the legal affairs of Donald Trump, and the various ways he stands to be—and in some cases, has already been—civilly and criminally screwed. At present, one of the most pressing situations involves Fulton County, Georgia, and its district attorney’s investigation into the ex-president’s attempt to overturn the election there.

On Monday, the special grand jury that was convened last May to investigate Trump, as well as his allies, wrapped up its work, according to the judge who oversaw the proceedings. On January 24, a hearing will be held to decide whether or not to make the grand jury’s report public, which is what the jury recommended. And while it’s not clear if criminal charges will be brought generally, or against Trump specifically, people who know Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis have suggested the former guy should be at least somewhat concerned.

Per The Washington Post:

Patrick Swanson / January 06,2023

‘Don’t feel safe’: Brightwood planning community meeting after deadly shooting


Residents in D.C.’s Brightwood neighborhood say they’re concerned about safety, after a shooting on Georgia Avenue this week left one man dead and three other people injured.

A longtime D.C. resident recently told Kim Patterson, a newly-elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and vice president of the Brightwood Community Association, that she no longer plans to take the bus from Georgia Avenue downtown.

The woman’s brother had previously mentioned that he wasn’t comfortable with his sister taking the bus from the busy corridor, and she initially resisted. But now, she’s planning to begin driving to work, Patterson said.

In the aftermath of Tuesday night’s shooting, which left a man dead and three others injured, including an 8-year-old, Brightwood residents are frustrated and concerned about violent crimes in the neighborhood. Community leaders are working to schedule a meeting with D.C. police and representatives from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office to address some of their concerns.

“Generally, after the incident on Georgia Avenue, many of the residents and the homeowners and neighbors are very concerned about their safety,” Patterson said. “They don’t feel safe, [and] they don’t feel that they can walk across the street to Georgia Avenue to do whatever they may want to do.”

There were several shootings across the city on Monday, and in Tuesday night’s incident in the 6200 block of Georgia Avenue, two suspects got out into traffic and fired shots toward young men standing near another car. One man, identified as 33-year-old Benjie Byers, was killed. Two other men and the 8-year-old were taken to the hospital.

D.C. police haven’t responded to WTOP’s request for an update on their conditions.

Patrick Swanson / January 06,2023

Swim teacher in Georgia charged after 4-year-old drowns in deep end of pool during swim lesson

Swim teacher in Georgia charged after 4-year-old drowns in deep end of pool during swim lesson

Swim teacher in Georgia charged after 4-year-old drowns in deep end of pool during swim lessonSwim teacher in Georgia charged after 4-year-old drowns in deep end of pool during swim lesson

  • Officials charged a swim teacher with misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter after a student drowned.
  • Police initially declined to charge Lexie Tenhuisen in July, reports say.
  • Israel “Izzy” Scott, 4, was found in the deep end of a backyard pool, according to reports.

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Months after a 4-year-old Georgia boy drowned during a swimming lesson, officials have criminally charged his swim instructor.

Lexie Tenhuisen faces a misdemeanor involuntary-manslaughter charge for the drowning death of  Israel “Izzy” Scott in June 2022 after law enforcement initially decided against criminal prosecution, Blavity reported via Yahoo.

Patrick Swanson / January 06,2023

Dahlonega, GA – Four Injured in Car Accident on Long Branch Rd

Dahlonega, GA – Four Injured in Car Accident on Long Branch Rd
  • Car Accidents in Georgia

    According to Georgia State Patrol officials, the accident happened on Long Branch Road. Police confirmed that a local 37-year-old resident was traveling south in an SUV when the driver suddenly crossed into the other lane of traffic, causing it to strike a second SUV that was traveling north. The northbound vehicle went off the road and overturned as a result. The first SUV continued onward and slammed into a third vehicle head-on.

    Paramedics, fire crews, and several other responders were called to the scene to help those in need. The driver of the first SUV, as well as her 61-year-old female passenger, sustained injuries and were hospitalized. Two other occupants inside the overturned vehicle were also hurt. The injured parties were identified as a 79-year-old female driver and a 91-year-old male passenger, who were taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for treatment. The driver of the third vehicle, identified as a 20-year-old man, was not hurt in the collision.

    The roadway was blocked in the area of the accident for about an hour until police were able to fully clear the scene.

    No further details have been released. However, the investigation into the circumstances of the collision remains ongoing.

    We offer our warmest thoughts and prayers to those injured in this accident with hopes of a speedy recovery.

Patrick Swanson / December 25,2022

What Must a Plaintiff Show to Prove Proprietor’s Constructive or Actual Knowledge of a Hazard?


In this slip and fall case, the Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that the trial court erred in finding genuine issues of material fact existed as to whether the property owner had superior knowledge of the hazard allegedly caused by water leaking onto a break room floor from overhead pipes where there’d been no history or report of leaks. Plus, the Court ruled that the plaintiff failed to show that the periodic inspection of the premises—for which she was directly responsible—was inadequate.


In this premises liability action, a plaintiff sued an Augusta condominium association where she worked as a security guard. Specifically, she alleged that the condo association breached a duty it owed her as an invitee. The association moved for summary judgment, which the trial court denied. They appealed, arguing that the trial court erred in concluding that genuine issues of material fact exist as to whether it had superior knowledge of the hazard and whether the plaintiff failed to exercise ordinary care for her own safety.

The association didn’t have its own employees, so it hired third-party contractors to perform the various functions required to maintain a condominium complex, including security. According to the Handbook and Operating Manual for the condo association, a safety officer’s responsibilities entailed providing security, concierge services, and routine maintenance inspections, including checking for water leaks on the premises.

Patrick Swanson / December 11,2022

Man going through divorce accused of murdering estranged wife’s attorney and setting the man’s office on fire



A Georgia man is in custody and charged with murder and arson after police say he shot and killed his estranged wife’s attorney and then set the man’s law office on fire.

At 5:30 p.m. on December 7, firefighters raced to a blaze at a law office building in Lawrenceville, Georgia, about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. After they managed to extinguish the fire, they discovered inside the building the charred remains of Doug Lewis, a family law attorney whom KENS-TV described as “beloved” and “popular.”

According to reports, police immediately arrested a suspect in the case: 65-year-old Allen Tayeh, the estranged husband of one of Lewis’ clients. Tayeh’s wife, whose name has not been released, had filed for divorce in early 2021, and the couple had a divorce hearing scheduled some time this week.

Police believe that Tayeh confronted Lewis in the office around 5 p.m. that evening and that Lewis had been alone at the time. At some point, they believe, Tayeh shot Lewis, doused the building with an accelerant, and lit it on fire.

Witnesses reportedly directed police to Tayeh, who was within the vicinity of the burned office building. When they found Tayeh, he “had injuries that were consistent with being in or near the fire,” including “burns on the pants” and “singed hair,” Lawrenceville police Lt. Jake Parker stated. The pronounced odor of gasoline and several gas cans had reportedly been detected in the area.

Parker also alleged that Tayeh was found with a firearm on his person, “a revolver that had spent cartridges in the cylinders.” Whether that firearm is registered to Tayeh is unclear.

Patrick Swanson / December 02,2022


Patrick Swanson / November 28,2022

Guns Don’t Kill People | Opinion


As everyone knows, guns don’t kill people—bullets do. Georgia GOP Goddess Majorie Taylor Greene tells us the Second Amendment guarantees us the right to buy guns on the same day they don’t kill people. And after all, how can we be safe without guns—you want to bring a knife to a gun fight? (That would make you a Democrat.)

As the GOP knows, only crazy people shoot other people. So, the best way to stop mass shootings is to keep people from going crazy. (Start by canceling The Masked Singer) Conservative think tanks are working on an anti-crazy app and have hired NRA lobbyists to secure funding for it and expensive suits for Wayne LaPierre.

Despite the naysayers, there is good news: to date in 2022 we have had only 607 mass shootings; last year at this time we had 638. Call it progress.

This year, 3,179 people were shot in mass shootings, 637 died. Last year 3,267 were shot and 645 died. In 2020, there was a total of 45,222 deaths from firearms.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. They want revenge on co-workers, LGBTQ folks, Walmart shoppers and school children and that’s why they buy AR-15s and handguns. Well regulated militia—well, not exactly.

Missing Paris Hilton
Elon Musk is everywhere these days—TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, podcasts. Elon Musk did this, Elon Musk did that. Elon Musk gives Trump back his Twitter account. Elon Musk says Associated Press is pushing misinformation. It’s enough to make you long for Paris Hilton.

Patrick Swanson / November 13,2022

Georgia sheriff investigates jailers shown punching detainee



SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Security video from a Georgia jail shows a detainee being pushed against a wall by guards and repeated punched in the head and neck after five deputies come into the man’s cell.

An attorney for the detainee, 41-year-old Jarrett Hobbs, released the video Monday. Civil rights attorney Harry Daniels said authorities should pursue criminal charges against the sheriff’s deputies in Camden County who swarmed Hobbs, who is Black, after he was booked for traffic violations and drug possession charges Sept. 3.

“It’s undeniable that Mr. Hobbs was approached by jailers and he was assaulted, punched multiple times in the back of his head, kneed in his head and dragged out of his cell,” Daniels said. “This is a brutal beating, a brutal attack.”

Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor’s office said in a statement Monday that the sheriff had reviewed the video with members of his command staff and ordered an internal investigation “to begin immediately.” The sheriff’s office did not release any details about the jailers involved, including their races.

Daniels questioned why nothing happened sooner. The confrontation between Hobbs and the jailers happened more than two months ago, and Hobbs was charged with fighting the deputies that same day.

A spokesman for the sheriff, Capt. Larry Bruce, declined to answer further questions, including whether the guards involved remained on duty.

Jail records show Hobbs, of Greensboro, North Carolina, was arrested Sept. 3 in coastal Camden County, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Savannah. He was initially booked on charges of speeding, driving on a suspended or revoked license and possessing an illegal drug.

Patrick Swanson / October 30,2022

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer disputes TIFF attack allegations




Kelly Sifferd, a former actor with whom he briefly dated Harvey Weinstein testified at the Toronto International Film Festival when she was 24 in the early 90s that she was sexually assaulted by a producer in 1991 and again in 2008.


She said the jury that after Weinstein invited her to his hotel room to look at a movie script for a potential role, he forcibly gave her oral sex and raped her, despite her repeatedly telling him to stop. Years later, during a chance encounter at TIFF, when she was about to confront Weinstein for assaulting her nearly two decades later, he cornered her in a hotel bathroom and masturbated in front of her.


Over the years, Sifferd told a handful of friends about the alleged assault, but did not report the assaults to authorities until much later. She testified Monday in Los Angeles that she told her friends what happened between 2012 and 2016. But when Weinstein’s defense questioned Sifferd, they asked why she waited to go to police until after the #MeToo movement, which began with Weinstein’s shocking stories in 2017.


“You told the authorities for the first time,” said Weinstein’s lawyer, Alan Jackson, after “the whole world turned on my client and accused him of being everything under the sun, including a sex offender.”



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