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The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm Owner, Shannon Pawley, Focuses On How An Estate Plan Can Prevent Someone From Squandering Your Assets Before Or Upon Your Death.


Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm Owner, Shannon Pawley, writes about how an estate plan can protect beneficiaries from themselves when there is drug or alcohol abuse or mental health issues in a family by preventing them from squandering assets.

DECATUR, GA, October 19, 2022: Shannon Pawley, Owner of The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm, has posted a new blog on the law firm’s website entitled “How an estate plan can prevent someone from squandering your assets before or upon your death.,” Ms. Pawley reminds readers that an estate plan is important for everyone with assets 18 and older.

“During National Estate Planning Month and week,” Pawley writes, “I’m offering specific information about the many ways an estate plan can benefit anyone.” She continues adding, “You don’t have to be among the super-wealthy to have an estate plan. You do need to have assets. Assets include a home, automobiles, recreational vehicles, money in the bank, a retirement plan or IRA and more.” She emphasizes, “Today, assets also include digital assets like music and art.”

Pawley points out, “What I’m going over here is how an estate plan can protect your assets from being squandered even by those heirs you assign as recipients. This includes prior to and after your death. Sometimes,” Pawley notes, “there are family members who have substance abuse problems as well as mental health issues. While you want to distribute assets to these loved ones, you also want to make sure other beneficiaries are protected and that the financial assets you leave are distributed in the way you want them to be.”

The entire blog can be read at LINK HERE

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What Damages Are Available in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Georgia?

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Herschel Walker Raises Record $350K in One Day

Herschel Walker Raises Record $350K in One Day

Herschel Walker Raises Record $350K in One Day


Georgia’s Republican U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker raised a record approximately $350,000 on Tuesday, campaign sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News.

“Raphael Warnock and the left wing crazies will say and do anything to hold onto power. Well, they messed with the wrong Georgian,” a Walker campaign source said on Tuesday night. “He’ll never back down because the stakes are too high. And conservatives across the country see what the left is trying to do, and they are fueling his campaign with the resources we need to fight and win this seat back for Georgia.”

Walker, a retired NFL star running back, has faced a tough past week on the campaign trail after establishment media outlets leveled him with brutal attacks from an anonymous woman alleging that he paid for an abortion she had more than a decade ago — charges he denies. Walker’s team has seen a surge in fundraising since then, and in national support.

Things keep getting better for Walker this week, though, as in addition to the record fundraising day, Walker saw a pair of polls — one from Emerson and one from Trafalgar — that both showed him in a virtual tie with incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA).

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Report: Mother of Hershel Walker’s child says he paid for her abortion


Reported by Washington Times:

ATLANTA — A woman who said Herschel Walker paid for her 2009 abortion is the mother of one of his children, according to a new report Wednesday, undercutting the Georgia Republican Senate candidate’s claims that he didn’t know who she was.

The Daily Beast, which first reported Monday on the abortion, said it had agreed not to reveal details of the woman’s identity to protect her privacy. But Walker, who has expressed support for a national abortion ban without exceptions, vehemently denied the story, calling the abortion allegation a “flat-out lie,” threatening a lawsuit against the outlet he has yet to file and saying he had no idea who the woman might be.

So on Wednesday night, The Daily Beast revealed that the woman – who was not named – was so well known to Walker that, according to her, they conceived another child years after the abortion. She decided to continue on with the later pregnancy, though she noted that Walker, as he had during the earlier pregnancy, expressed that it wasn’t a convenient time for him, the outlet reported.

The Daily Beast said the Walker campaign declined to comment on Wednesday’s story. Walker is scheduled to make a public appearance Thursday morning in Wadley, Georgia, as part of his Unite Georgia Bus Stop tour across the state.

The latest reporting ensures that abortion will continue to be a central issue in the Georgia race, one of the most competitive Senate contests in the country. Walker and Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock are locked in a tight contest that is key to the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.


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Getting a beneficial and effective payday advance loans in Georgia is exactly what our personal financial institutions promote.


Getting a beneficial and effective payday advance loans in Georgia is exactly what our personal financial institutions promote.
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An Internet Cash Advance Loans Will Be The Superb Cure

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Payday advances in Marietta, Georgia? payday advances in Marietta, Georgia(GA) and exactly why you will need them


Exactly what are the benefits associated with Marietta, Georgia payday advance loan?
Here are 5 main reasons why your reap the benefits of getting Marietta, Georgia payday advances:

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Payday advances near 01607 most readily useful costs. Fast Resources Jonesboro Ga Should Have Pay Check Increase?


Payday advances near 01607 most readily useful costs. Fast Res Jonesboro Ga Should Have Pay Check Increase?
When To Take Out A Cash Advance Payday Loans
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Worry any assures an easy pay day loan services will make to your requirements. As an alternative, do a comparison of many price as possible. This expansion can cost you a cost, plus further interest, so that it does certainly almost nothing good available. Ensure you know-all an important guidelines, and commonly choosing to result in the greatest possible purchase.
Profit Loans In area Durham funds increase in mere smooth second

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Payday advances in Atlanta, Georgia. Pay check improvements in Atlanta


Helps know what payday developments are actually. The phrase features its own preset explanations, yet a lot of example, it is actually that loan that lenders provide for a fast phase
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Payday cash advances in Atlanta, Georgia and why need to have them
Now the recognition of payday advances has reached its peak. Despite much of the negative and positive views, smooth personal loans were an answer this is certainly easy enjoying arrange procedures. a cash which is continual might worse than a quick, onetime significance of money. quite possibly the most smart benefit of financing is obtain get rid of both troubles also that they may allow.
logic behind why you ought to get a Atlanta, Georgia advance loan
You can find an endle total reasons why you will need financial which higher. But also in one of them scenarios, perhaps financing is the provider any time you found yourself.
Your very own financial didnt supply you with that loan. No one try shielded from your emergency that is definitely financial. But the things is always that unearthing an economic loan or room financial loan modification is not at all quick, also it typically takes a entire 30 days or maybe even per annum to influence a mortgage service. Acquiring a quick funding for the shortterm span to pay for your own home financing or rental is lots a lot quicker.


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