Moving from North Carolina to Georgia

Patrick Swanson / February 01,2022
Moving from North Carolina to Georgia

Cross country relocation requires thorough reparation and a good plan in order to be executed without too much stress. Of course, there are many factors that will determine the difficulty of the process. The number of items that you need to transport, whether you are moving on your own or with professional assistance, or the distance that you need to cross. If you are moving from North Carolina to Georgia, for example, you will need to cross around 400 miles, give or take, depending on your exact location and destination, which is not a lot. However, if you are not prepared right, it is enough to represent a significant challenge. Luckily, Verified Movers are here to help you. We will show you how you can organize the whole thing and help you find appropriate moving assistance that will ensure the final success.

Moving from North Carolina to Georgia can be a good decision
So you are moving from North Carolina to Georgia? That might be a good decision, depending on your needs. Georgia, for example, has lower crime rates. On the other hand, home values are practically on the same level. In Georgia, the median value of a typical single-family home at the end of 2021 was $281,000, while in North Carolina it was $282,000. When it comes to median household income, however, Georgia stands better with $61,980 compared to $57,341 in North Carolina.
Moving from North Carolina to GeorgiaGeorgia has slightly better metrics than North Carolina
Still, Georgia has a slightly higher poverty rate of 15.1% compared to 14.7%. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that, even though the numbers are higher in Georgia it is still a 5.92% 1-year decrease compared to a 4.7% 1-year decrease in North Carolina, which shows that Georgia is developing faster than The Tar Heel State. Meaning that this is the perfect time to contact us and let us find you the best moving companies North Carolina has for interstate relocations to Georgia.
Start by making a perfect plan
When organizing a cross country relocation, the most important thing is to start with a  plan. This plan needs to contain absolutely all the steps that you need to take from day one until the day you step foot in your new Georgia home. The best solution is to make it in a form of a checklist, which will be the easiest to follow.
Deal with your excess belongings as soon as you can
Immediately after you make your plan, start organizing your moving inventory. Never mind if there are still a few months until your moving date. The decluttering process that you need to go through can take a significant amount of time. Furthermore, if you take your time and do it smartly, you can even earn a significant amount of money on your excess items and therefore help your moving budget.
Think about organizing a yard sale, selling your items to a used items retailer in your area, selling items online, or donating. Donating during a move might make you eligible for certain tax relief, which also counts as earnings. Moreover, all the best cross country moving companies Raleigh has to offer, like other professionals in the country, will calculate the cost of your move according to the weight of your moving inventory. So it is in your best interest to make it as light as possible.
Moving from North Carolina to GeorgiaOrganize a yard sale or find some other way to get rid of your excess belongings
List the items you are planning to carry to Georgia
Once you get rid of the excess items, make a list of possessions that will be traveling to Georgia with you. The moving inventory list you create will help your movers give you a precise moving estimate online. And you will use this list to check your items upon delivery.
Choosing the best movers is crucial part of the process
Now it is time to start searching for a relocation company that will help you relocate from North Carolina to Georgia. Of course, when you are organizing a cross country move, you need to be absolutely sure that you are moving with reliable and experienced professionals. Unfortunately, trustworthy movers are not easy to recognize, so do a lot of research. Check out interstate moving companies reviews Georgia and North Carolina residents left on relevant moving-related websites and locate at least a few companies that look promising and offer services that you need. Then it is just a matter of obtaining their moving quotes, comparing, and choosing movers that fit your needs and budget the best.
Moving from North Carolina to GeorgiaFind movers that will ship your vehicle and get yourself a plane ticket
Traveling from North Carolina to Georgia
One of the things that you also need to decide, even before you start searching for movers is how you plan to get to Georgia. Let’s say you are moving from Raleigh to Atlanta, for example. You will need to cross 411 miles. That is not a lot when you are rested and in good shape. However, you better think twice before deciding to drive across several states after a long and tiring pre-move process. Wouldn’t it be better if you could find some good movers that can handle auto moving and let them handle your car while you get yourself a plane or a bus ticket to Georgia? Think about that before you hire a moving company because not all of them can handle auto shipping. You can get:

  • Fly from Raleigh/Durham to Atlanta for US$90 – US$250 – 3h 24m
  • Bus to Fayetteville Municipal and then a flight to Atlanta for US$250 – US$500 – 4h 4m
  • Train to Greensboro/High Point and then a flight to Atlanta for US$200 – US$400 – 5h 17m
  • Train to Charlotte and then a bus to Atlanta Doraville Station for US$80 – US$100 – 8h 20m
  • Bus (Durham Express)from GoRaleigh Station to Durham and then a greyhound to Atlanta for US$50 – US$70 – 12h 10m
  • Train from Raleigh Union Station to Greensborough and then a night bus to Atlanta for US$40 – US$60 – 8h 41m
  • If you decide to drive to Atlanta, gas cost will be US$40 – US$60 – 6h 56m

 Relocating from North Carolina doesn’t have to be so difficult
As you can see, moving from North Carolina to Georgia requires good planning and professional assistance. If you get these two things right, and you choose a good way to travel to Georgia yourself, the whole process could end up being enjoyable and stress-free.

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