MUST SEE: Shocking Images of Georgia Early Voting Centers

Patrick Swanson / December 23,2020

This will be an election like another…said every single television pundit ever, during every election ever.
It is a trick of logic that allows these pundits to be so cavalier about this call. You see, the only election that matters at all is the next election, by default.  The previous elections have all been decided, and we don’t yet know the circumstances under which we’ll be voting in anything too far into the future.
Very literally, we can only care about the imminent and inevitable election ahead of us.
But, we must concede that this next election will be hard fought and angst-ridden, as enthusiasm and unease remain the most prevalent emotions we have toward it.
This has led to incredibly long lines and technical issues for early voting in the State of Georgia.

Early voting for the Nov. 3 election began Monday in Georgia, and thousands of voters lined sidewalks and streets throughout the state to have their voices heard in one of the most contentious elections the country has ever seen.
The computer failures that plagued the primary elections in June were again an issue in pockets of precincts. There were reports of polling locations with too few poll workers. High turnout on Columbus Day when many voters were off work contributed to the logjam, as did continued concerns among many voters about mail-in ballots.
Election officials in Fulton County were aware of an issue with the electronic pollbooks used to check voters in at State Farm Arena, where Atlanta’s NBA and WNBA teams play, county spokeswoman Jessica Corbitt-Dominguez told the Associated Press. Technicians were on site working to resolve it, she said.

Social media users were quick to share images of the chaos.

Georgia’s long lines will likely bring the Peach State to the forefront of the national conservation as well, given that the southern transportation hub is set to be a swing state for the first time in decades.

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