Warnock vs. Ralston on Georgia’s election reform law

Patrick Swanson / January 11,2022

Yesterday’s annual Eggs and Issues event sponsored by the Georgia Chamber featured the usual array of speakers, highlighted by the governor, who focused on business-oriented priorities and progress that move the state forward. But Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock and GOP state House Speaker David Ralston also spoke—and they underscored the deep, divisive partisan divide in both Georgia and the nation.
Warnock’s remarks included a long-winded advocacy of “voting rights” (i.e. controversial Democratic election legislation currently pending in the U.S. Congress) and then bluntly claimed that Georgia is “suppressing voters” with the election integrity law passed last year
Speaker David Ralston, who spoke after Warnock, had had enough.
Ralston began by deadpanning that he thought President Joe Biden was coming to Georgia on Tuesday to congratulate the University of Georgia’s football team for winning Monday’s national championship game against Alabama. Instead, Ralston said the Democrat president came to Georgia and lied about the state’s election reform law passed by the General Assembly. He emphasized that Biden’s lies are hurtful to Georgia’s reputation as a great state in which to do business.
Ralston was particularly outraged at Biden’s slur that Republicans who oppose the federal legislation pushed by Democrats to abolish state-run elections and voter ID requirements are as bad as (former Confederate president) Jefferson Davis. The speaker ended with one last jab at Biden and Warnock, noting that “more people are voting in Georgia than ever before.” That got a nice round of applause.

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