Georgia Meloni to NATO: “So much more than a military alliance.” Greetings Schultz arrival, Prime Minister thanks Canada and Israel

Patrick Swanson / October 21,2022
  • The phone call with Ursula von der Leyen
  • Interview with Michelle and Mitsula
  • The new president thanked foreign leaders
  • Poland: Watermelon? A firm and courageous leader.
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  • “thanks for the Jens Stoltenberg. ready to work with BoyIt is more than a military alliance: a bulwark of shared values ​​that we will not stop defending.” Late in the evening on a day more demanding than ever, the new Italian premiere Georgia Meloni Reply on Twitter to the NATO Secretary General’s congratulations. A few hours ago, Stoltenberg expressed his impatience to start cooperating with a leader Italy brothersCongratulations to Georgia Meloni. Italy is founding member From NATO, it participates Transatlantic Link It makes a powerful contribution to our security in a more dangerous world. I can’t wait to work with you.” In addition to the Prime Minister’s post directed at NATO, the German Chancellor’s tweet has also arrived Olaf Schulz: “I can’t wait to continue working closely with Italy in the EU, NATO and the G7,” he said after starting with “Congratulations to Georgia Meloni.” Then Schulz thanked the outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi: «I thank him for the good partnership between Italy and Germany In these years.”





    Remote contacts continued between world leaders with Meloni’s response to the Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid“Thank you for your thoughts on this important day. I totally agree with them
    We look forward to working with Israel In every bilateral and international forum to affirm our common values.” The tweet of the Italian Prime Minister comes after the words written by Lapid on social media: “I hope that we will work together soon, to strengthen the ties between Jerusalem and Romeas well as at the international level, including international organizations, and in everything related to combatingAnti-Semitismin Europe and in The Middle EastI continued the evening thanks to Meloni’s tweet dedicated to the Canadian president: “Thank you Justin Trudeau. We are ready to work together to face the difficult challenges of our time,” the Prime Minister wrote. “I am delighted that this year marks the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries. Canada and Italy. A legacy that is not lost, it must stay alive and get stronger.”





    The phone call with Ursula von der Leyen

    Immediately after the oath was taken on the morning of October 22, the first telephone conversations were held between the new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, and leaders of European institutions. The new prime minister, at the end of the call with Ursula von der Leyenhe stated that the government is ready to cooperate with the European Union to “promote Flexibility The European Union in the face of common challenges. President European Commission Who writes on Twitter: “Good first Phone call With Giorgia Meloni today. We will work together to meet the critical challenges of our time, from Ukraine to energy. I am looking forward to the first meeting in person Brussels in the next future.” The FDI leader declares that she intends to plan a visit to the EU summit as soon as possible.




    Interview with Michelle and Mitsula

    After a conversation with the President of the European Council Charles Michelwho wanted to repeat how Italy is a strong country partner from the European Union. Also in this case, the hubs were the common goals, focusing on the energy crisis and the economic situation. In response, Meloni reiterated how her CEO is ready to do her best “with the 27 European countries working together for a better Europe and standing together for democracy and freedom.” Words of suggestion also in the interview with Roberta Metsula who stated that he wanted to “continue” fruitful dialogue It started months ago in Brussels.”





    The new president thanked foreign leaders

    In the morning, right after swear Of all the new ministers, “good luck” and greetings from the main world leaders did not come for a long time. First and foremost, the Hungarian Minister Victor Urban According to “Today is a big day for european rightBut the thanks did not differ much from the attitude taken towards European leaders: “Thank you, Viktor Orban. Ready to work together to find Shared and effective solutions to economic, energy and security challenges faced by Europe. The Fdi leader wrote on Twitter.



    Thank you very much also to the wishes of the President of the Republic United State Joe Biden and the Foreign Minister, in which he stressed that Italy and the United States “are united by a deep friendship and transatlantic partnership, based on shared values.” He concluded by writing on his social channels: “I can’t wait to strengthen it even more, and together I fight for international freedom and security.”



    Even the words of proximity to the Ukrainian president did not last long Zelensky That was in the morning wish That the new CEO will continue to cooperate with his country. There is no doubt, at the moment, of the new Prime Minister answering: “Italy has been and will always be on the side of the brave Ukrainian people who are fighting for their freedom and for a just peace. You are not alone!” In conclusion, he also expressed his thanks to Albania, addressed to the Prime Minister Eddie Rama who sent her good luck. “The link between Italy and Albania is a historical link and a strategic cooperation that we want to preserve and develop. “Long live the wolf,” Meloni said.



    Poland: Watermelon? A firm and courageous leader.

    Words also cooperate with Lithuania, Cyprus and Poland. “It is an important day for Italy, the European Union and NATO. Unprecedented challenges lie ahead, which is why we need one Leadership Resolute and courageous upholds enduring values. Today Europe and Poland have such an ally in Rome,” the Polish prime minister tweeted Matthew Moraveki. In the past few hours, the greetings of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who mentioned how our country is a founding member of the transatlantic alliance that makes a strong contribution to security, has also arrived. “I look forward to working with herThe secretary tweeted. Congratulations were also received from Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who also spoke Tajani.